Leo's Salvation

A.M. Halford
Leo's Salvation


Self Published
Release Date
January 2017
Book 3 of Tulsa Immortals
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

[This is a standalone story that does not require you to read the previous books in the series.]
After finishing a job—a mare haunting a young couple—Leo gets a call about a possible possession. Arriving in Tulsa he's confused when his client isn't possessed, but instead has traces of being bewitched. He can tell something's in Tulsa, it's powerful and Leo knows he shouldn't stick around for it to find him. Unfortunately, he's taken a job and he never leaves something unresolved for his clients.
Agnar is enjoying a rare quiet night at the Twin Ravens bar, drinking and watching the stripers with half interest when he catches sight of the most intriguing man he's seen in quite some time. He can tell the newcomer is trying to hide amongst the crowd, keeping his head down, but Agnar sees him, and wants to get closer.
Leo's job in Tulsa is just the starting point for a more challenging and dangerous course of events that could lead to both his and Agnar's lives being threatened. A new threat has come to Tulsa, one connected to Agnar's past. In the aftermath Leo's fate is put into question and secrets of his people long buried are forced into the open. Will they survive and make a life together?


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