Wylder Magick

Camille Anthony
Wylder Magick
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Changeling Press LLC
Release Date
March 2011
Alternate Universe, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Eight days...

Elias Wylder, that egotistical SOB, had the gall to trick Mariah into bonding with him during her Opening Ceremony! Now her year of hiding is almost up. Only eight days and she'll be free. In eight days, Mariah can repudiate the bond with Wylder and claim her rightful place in Arcane Society. Until then, she dare not allow the powerful warlock to discover she still loves him, despite his trickery. She must keep her distance, no matter how close she wishes they could be.

But Wylder's not the kind to take no for an answer.

Humbled by her loss, Elias will do anything to find Morven, even begging the Council of Magick for help. Unfortunately, his year of futile searching is almost up. An Athame Warlock must present his lady to Council before the year passes, or lose her forever. Elias can't allow that to happen. Morven's taken more than Wylder's magick -- she's stolen his heart. He's got just eight days to find her, and win her back!

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WYLDER MAGICK is an intense erotic romance with a unique and original storyline and a magical touch in each page.

In a world where magic determines the leaders, each power is put to the test. Elias Wylder is an egotistical instructor who has never meet anyone who can equal him in power. He wants do be more than be a teacher, he wants to lead. Even though he is stronger than anyone of the Council of Magick, he cannot rule for only those with a mate can claim a spot.

Morven Moriah Maganistus has had a crush on Professor Wylder since her first day. Heck, so has every other girl plus a few guys. Putting her fantasies on the back burner, Moriah puts everything she has into being the best student. Finally she is at the end of her studies, but now faces the Opening Ceremony where a sexual experience of powers is needed to graduate.

Those who are not careful though can find themselves mated. It is known that with a mated couple, the most powerful one gets to rule the lineage. She is determined that will not happen with her. She wants her place in Arcane Society and will not let anything take it away.

Wylder has been waiting for this moment since Moriah started. Since she is no longer his student, he can now claim her for himself. She doesn't know this but she's the only person who is capable of matching his own powers. Mating with her and combining their magic will make them the most powerful couple ever. His spot on the Council will be immediate. He will make that happen. Even if he has to trick her.

The heroine, Moriah, is instantly likeable. She is strong and capable, yet vulnerable and innocent; a combination made believable by the circumstances of her decision. Hiding from her past is crucial, she has more than just herself to protect.

The hero, Elias Wyder, is intense—there's no other way to describe him. He enforces his powers even when he shouldn't and because of that, has many enemies eager for him to fail in his mission. He lost Moriah because of his inability to show her what she needed to see. But even that doesn't change him, it just makes him more cranky and desperate to have her again.

This book fulfills on many levels. It has a good plot, character development, high sexual tension and just an overall great read. All of the characters were well written and diverse. The author does an amazing job of describing the motives, thoughts, and even a bit of the psychology behind the characters.

I enjoyed this book, it has a strong hero and heroine. The blend of all the worlds, even magical, is a new and different topic, which kept my interest in the story. I was really impressed with the author's creative vision. I loved the concept of the book. The ending stunted my desire a little bit, only because it wrapped up so quickly and I wanted more. I would love to read a sequel, because even though I enjoyed this book a lot, it really just got me interested in the characters.
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