Ray of Light

E.L. Todd
Ray of Light
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Fallen Publishing
Release Date
January 2017
Book 1 of Ray
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

This is the story.

I was walking my German shepherd through the park when my dog took off and snapped the leash out of my hand. He sprinted down the path until he made friends with some stranger.

Some damn hot stranger.


We flirted back and forth, and then he went straight for the kill and invited me back to his place. I totally would have said yes, but I already had a date for the evening.

But he didn't ask me to see him some other time.

I hid my hurt at the rejection and moved on with my life.

Ryker and I crossed paths again in the way I least expected. He's still just as sexy and charming, and this time, I made sure I didn't have a date for the evening.

Because I wanted to be his for the night.

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Jan 13, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This book is about mid-to-late 20-something siblings, Rae and Rex, and their eclectic group of friends living in Seattle. Rae is a scientist who works for a local recycling company. She's smart, driven and completely lacking in the romance department. Rex is her older brother who is currently living in Rae's apartment. Although he was lucky enough to win the lottery, his investment in a bowling alley has fallen flat.

When Rae and Ryker met unexpectedly while she was walking her dog, sparks immediately flew. Ryker was super-model hot and reeked of player. However, that didn't stop Rae from gawking a little and flirting even more. However, she's not prepared for the impact that he will have on her personal and professional life.

RAY OF LIGHT is part one of a three part series, and I'm loving it in a MAJOR way! It's very rare that an ensemble cast has such great characters. They are all so well written that I can't wait to see what happens next. The dynamic between Rae and Rex is pure brother and sister magic – sarcastic and loving at the same time. Though they may argue and seemingly rag on each other, theirs is a tight bond that could never be broken. While I'm a first-time reader of E.L. Todd's work, I'm super-psyched to check out the next two installments of this story, as I believe RAY OF LIGHT is the beginning of something great.
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