Dragon Trap

Sarah Marsh
Dragon Trap
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
January 2017
Book 5 of Coalition Mates
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

All Marisol Lewis had ever wanted was a family, but her ex-husband back on Earth made sure that would never happen while they were together. Now? After waking up on an alien planet, she has a plan, and she's more determined than ever to see it through on her own. 

Luca and Baelion are dragon shifters with a troubled past. Shunned by their own people, they now work for the Coalition Council taking rescue jobs that no one else can do. They manage to find Marisol when she gets abducted—but their rescue plans take a wrong turn, and they all end up stranded on a dangerous, quarantined planet. 

Mari finds out the hard way that life often gets in the way of best-laid plans…and that dragon shifters most definitely get in the way of hers. 

It's a good thing for her that dragons are naturally quite stubborn once they decide they want something—and they've decided she's theirs.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Feb 27, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Life is not going well for Mari. She was betrayed by her husband and then she was taken and brought from Earth to another planet by slavers. Just when she thinks she has a plan to get what she wants, she is kidnapped by pirates. Luckily, two dragon shifters are sent to her rescue. If they can all stay alive, she may get the opportunity to get everything she desires.

Mari has been really unlucky. Her husband lied to her for years about being willing to have a family with her. She is divorced and miserable when she is taken by slavers to another planet after her car breaks down one day. Mari is rescued and is not the type to let things keep her down for long. She has a plan to get the child she has always wanted but is taken by pirates before she can get her wish. It looks like a bad end for her until two men come to the rescue. These dragon shifters offer her a chance for survival if they can navigate to safety thru a Jurassic Park-like area with dangerous predators everywhere. They also happen to be incredibly sexy and interested in a future with her.

Luca and Baelion (Bae) are dragon shifters and mates. They were enslaved at one point and that experience changed their lives. It left them with scars internally and externally. They don't think they can find a female dragon to complete their triad but love each other very much. They both grow to care for Mari during their rescue attempt. Luca is very outspoken and Bae is more quiet and flirtatious. They are a very attractive pair and would be hard for any women to resist their charms.

DRAGON TRAP is the fifth book in the Coalition Mates series about women from Earth who live on another planet and tend to fall in love with the men from these alien worlds. It can be read easily as a standalone. I had not read the other books and had no issues. The author shares relevant information about the other characters and their experiences. Reading the book made me interested in reading the earlier books in the series as I enjoyed the other characters and would like to know more about them too.

This is a menage romance where the men are sexually involved with each other as well as Mari. The author lets all three characters narrate and you understand right away how much Luca and Bae love each other. There are sexual scenes with them all together and the author is detailed in her descriptions of their sexual activities. I liked how the author made it clear that there is a real bond among the characters and having sex is not just a physical activity for them. Luca and Bae are very open with Mari about their desires and there is a really hot masturbation scene between Luca and Mari that heats up the pages.

There is a great deal of adventure and action in the story. Mari faces many threats throughout the strory. The Jurassic park type area they have to navigate after escaping the pirates is a very dangerous experience for them all. The animals are predators and they are highly intelligent. Many of them are poisonous as well. Dragon shifters are tough but even they are challenged by all the animals. The time they spend there reveals much about their character. One of my favorite parts is the discussion between Mari and Luca about how we all have scars but some are easier to see than others. Luca is very haunted by his time as a slave. Physically, he still suffers from the effects. Mari is dealing with emotional scars from her former marriage. The author uses that experience to develop strong bonds among the characters.

If you are looking for a hot menage romance, DRAGON TRAP is a great choice. It is part of the Coalition Mates series but can easily be read as a standalone. The book has many hot scenes between the characters that definitely delivers heat. The action and adventure add excitement to the story. I recommend you check out the book as well as the series and get the chance to enjoy the story too.
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