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Khloe Wren
Fierce Guardian
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Khloe Wren
Release Date
November 2016
Book 4 of Fire and Snow
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

He's found his true mate at lastóbut she's caught in a deadly trap.

Australian Xander Moore is one of a secret cadre of humans who can shift into the form of a snow leopard. His predator side is gorgeous and deadly. He's also lonely. Somewhere out there is his true mate Ö if he can find her before the Triggers destroy them all.

To the team he leads in search of the brutal Triggers, Xander is known for his calm strength in the midst of danger. But when he glimpses the mate he's dreamt of for years, he's torn between the mission and his instinctive drive to protect and claim. Xander loses focus, leading to dire consequences.

British visitor Rachel Bell is caught in a trap. Her boyfriend's offer of a job to extend her visa has turned into forced servitude in his bar. The night he beats her and locks her in their apartment, she's desperate enough to get help the only way she canóby starting a fire.

When her abuser attacks her brave rescuers, Rachel discovers she herself may be a deadly weapon. Is she brave enough to unleash her shocking new abilities and save them all?

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Mar 08, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He will do anything to keep his mate safe now that he has found her. She is in the middle of a dangerous situation. The man that claims to love her works for a hate group determined to kill shifters. He knows he has to keep the community safe but has to fight his desire to keep his mate safe from harm. She feels her situation is hopeless. Her boyfriend controls everything. When she is offered help to flee, she has to decide if the risk is worth the possible retaliation. It is a deadly situation but also offers her the opportunity for love and freedom from the pain.

Xander is a strong shifter and and is used to being in control. He has been eager for many years to find his mate but hasn't had the opportunity to search for her. Now that the community is in danger, he is supposed to be focused on his role in taking down the hate group. Finding that his mate is intimately involved with one of the leaders challenges his control. He knows Rachel is in great danger and is driven to protect her. His connection to Rachel is so strong and he can feel her pain and see the bruises. With lives at risk, he has difficult choices to make. He believes in his alpha and knows he only has the best interests of everyone in mind. It is an emotional battle that he has never faced before.

Rachel is a young woman who never felt she fit in back in England. Coming to New Zealand felt like she was coming home. At first, her boyfriend/boss seemed like he really loved her. Now, she realizes it is all about control. He wants to own her and keep her under lock and key. Rachel has seen Xander in the club and wonders about him but knows those thoughts are dangerous. The abuse is escalating and she has few other choices when she is offered help. When she learns her true connection to Xander, she has to decide if she is strong enough to take a risk on love or has the abuse permanently changed her in ways beyond repair.

This is the fourth book in the Fire and Snow series which is a paranormal romance series featuring a group of snow leopard shifters finding their mates. The males begin to dream of their mate when their mate reaches adulthood and they must use the information from those dreams to find them. They also have the ability to interact with their mates in their shared dreams. It may take years for them to locate their mate and those years are difficult for them. I do encourage you to read the series in order to get the most enjoyment. Many of the characters continue to be part of the story and the storyline from earlier books is mentioned frequently in other books in the series. Before reading this book, you definitely need to read book three to get the background on the threat they face.

The author creates an interesting history for the snow leopards. They originate as protectors in Tibet. The shifters still incorporate that protective spirit in relation to the community and the people they love. Many work in the fire department to save lives. Unlike most other romances where you usually only get the female and male characters as narrators, this series features multiple members of the community as narrators. Even some of the villains who belong to the hate organization are featured as narrators. I found that it made me feel closer to the characters and I was impressed by the author's ability to weave through the different narrators without any confusion for the reader.

As with the other books in the series, there is an action oriented sub-plot related to the romance. Beginning with the previous book in the series, the community is facing a major threat. There is a group that is after shifters. They want to kill shifters or use them for their own purposes. There have been terrible losses and fear throughout the community and now the leopards have decided to go on the offensive and take on the group. Xander and Rachel meet when he is working on their plan to take down the group and she is stuck in the middle in great danger.

The Fire and Snow series is an excellent paranormal series that offers a great balance of action and romance. The danger continues from the last book and the leopards are determined to take the action needed to keep them safe from harm. The author has many of the characters in the story narrate at points which makes you feel closer to them and more immersed into the story. I highly recommend you read the series in order to get the most enjoyment and especially feel it is important you read the third book first to understand the storyline better. You will want to read the whole series so you can meet great characters and experience the exciting storylines that make it a great choice for those who love paranormal romances.
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