What A Tiger Wants

Kat Simons
What A Tiger Wants
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T&D Publishing
Release Date
January 2017
Book 8 of Tiger Shifters
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

An attraction too hot to resist, too dangerous to indulge…

Tiger shifter Dmitry Chernikov fell in the love with his brother's head waitress the moment he saw her. Jane Emmerson is sexy, smart, stubborn…and absolutely perfect for him. Unfortunately, Jane makes it clear she's done with men. All men. For six years, Dom has fought his feelings for the beautiful human woman, and for six years he's managed to keep the peace between them. But when a family reunion brings him back to Eirene, Colorado—to Jane—six years of resistance crumble. Now he has to overcome her determination and convince her they're meant for each other.

Jane Emmerson has very bad taste in men. If she's attracted to a man, it's a sure sign he's bad news. When she moves back to Eirene after yet another disastrous relationship, she promises herself she's done with romance for good. Then she meets Dom Chernikov. The deliciously sexy Dom tests her determination to remain single. Unfortunately, the very fact that she wants him means there must be something wrong with him. She can't risk her heart again, not after working so hard to build a life for herself and her son. She doesn't need a man. But oh, does she want this one.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Mar 03, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She has made some bad decisions. It has kept her from acting on her feelings for years, and instead, she focuses on her son. He is a tiger shifter and knows they are meant for each other. He has waited years for her to give him a chance. She has a hard time resisting when he makes his desire for his mate very clear. When the attraction becomes known, it also puts her in danger

Jane is the mother of an adult son in college. She made some really bad choices in men and decided to make a new start years ago and keep men out of her life. She didn't count on Dmitry. He is the boss' brother and she has resisted the attraction for years. She doesn't believe she can find a good man but it is hard to deny a tiger shifter that knows he has found his mate.

Dmitry has been quite patient in stalking his mate. He knows Jane is the one for him but he has given her space. On a family trip home, he makes a push for her. He doesn't want to scare her off but he knows she wants him too. He cares about her son too and he is determined to get his mate and have the family he has always wanted. When someone threatens Jane, he doesn't hesitate to take action to keep her safe.

This is book eight in the Tiger Shifters series. The paranormal romance series features tiger shifters finding their mates and also dealing with danger. Each book is easy to read as a standalone but they do contain references to prior storylines and characters are recurring. One of the main themes in the books is the battles in the community over the female shifters. The tiger community has many more males than females and women are highly prized. They need offspring so females are encouraged to have as many children as they can with multiple partners and there is even a run to catch the women. Dmitry is a member of a family that is unable to participate in the run due to family issues so he must find a mate another way. In this book, there are some issues within the other shifter group in the community that place them all in danger.

This book is unusual in that it contains a character with developmental issues. You don't often see that in paranormal romances. I think it added a lot to the story and explained Jane's hesitation in responding to her attraction to Dmitry. Jane's son has struggled with autism and she has worked hard to get him the help he needs to be successful in school and in life. His father and previous boyfriends were not supportive of her son and it is why she made the choice to stay single. One of the things that makes Dmitry so endearing is his genuine love and support for her son over the years. Those scenes with them spending time together are really special.

I have read many of the books in the Tiger Shifters series and highly recommend the series. It is a great paranormal romance series. It is very easy to jump into the series at any point but they do refer to previous storylines and characters. While there is a fantasy aspect to the stories, the romances are well developed and feel real and not rushed. It is a well-crafted story and very heartwarming. I really enjoyed getting to meet her son who has struggled with developmental issues and is now a successful college student, thanks to the love and support of his mom and the community. I recommend you check out the series and fall in love with the characters too.
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