Just a Taste

Beth Donaldson
Just a Taste

Beth Donaldson
Release Date
December 2016
Book 2 of Heart of it All
Contemporary Romance

Welcome back to Mill Falls, where the days are getting cooler...and the gossip's getting hotter.

After nearly twenty years, Matt Slade has returned to Lord County with two goals: one, to go into business for himself and two, to flush out the man who fathered him and left him to an abusive childhood. But then he's propositioned on a Wednesday night by the nicest girl in town and his business suddenly gets…complicated.

So much for acting on impulse. After being rejected-and ejected-from his bar, April has avoided Slade's and its surly owner. But Fate-and her book club-brings them back together and an inexplicable friendship is born. Matt encourages April to take just a taste of the wild life she's been wanting and April brings her sweetness and sunshine to Matt's grumpy little world.

Stepping away from expectations is never easy. Gossip, family ties and a big misunderstanding puts April and Matt's relationship on the rocks time and again but they keep coming back together, both needing the connection they only find with each other. They could be headed for the love of a lifetime...if Matt's secret doesn't tear them apart.


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