Ray of Love

E.L. Todd
Ray of Love
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January 2017
Book 3 of Ray
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Mainstream fiction

There's no way to sugarcoat it.

Ryker dumped me.

Everyone warned me dating him was the wrong decision. But I did it anyway.

Now that it's been three months I'm finally in a good place. I haven't started dating just yet but I know that will happen in time. Finally, I don't think about Ryker anymore.

But when I have a dream about Zeke, a very inappropriate one, I start to wonder things I shouldn't.

And I start to look at him in a way I never have before...

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Feb 10, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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While Rae and Ryker were definitely hot, theirs was clearly a physical attraction. They all warned her about "Mr. Too-Hot-for-His-Own-Good," but she just had to have that elusive bad boy. Well, she's finally woken up out of her sex-filled haze to find that she's been duped and dumped. After finding out that Zeke has been hopelessly in love with her for several years, she realizes he's hot too. Well duh, girl! The man is a very hot, super successful doctor who hung on her every word, and she relegates him to the friend-zone? Go figure. But now she just may have missed an opportunity because Zeke is no longer single.

Once Zeke learned that Rae was hooking up with Ryker, he knew he'd lost his chance with her. He found Rochelle a little too quickly if you ask me, and before long was thinking about forever. I'm surprised there wasn't a flashing "rebound" sign over this relationship. I feel like he talked himself into loving Rochelle because he couldn't have what he longed to have with another. Zeke was too much of a good friend to pursue Rae while she was all ga-ga over Ryker, so he let his infatuation go. Although he started planning a future with Rochelle, there was always this thing he had for Rae. Now that she's single, what's a boy to do?

Finally, we get to the emotional meat of this story. I wanted Rae to wake up and realize that there was something off about Ryker. I wanted Zeke to stop being such a gentleman and fight for the woman he loved. I don't know how this will all turn out, but I can't wait to see. I'm hoping that we get some closure with Ryker. He and Rae were going so hot and heavy, it's not realistic that there's no final confrontation between these two. Plus, he's not just someone she was sleeping with, he's her boss! There are too many unanswered questions about Ryker's behavior to just let him fade into the sunset.

As far as Rex and Kayden are concerned, you just can't get any better than these two. I loved their progression from unrequited love and clueless to where they are now. I know this is mostly Rae's story, but in my opinion they are the "it" couple. Maybe Kayden and Rex will get their own story? Hint. Hint. I'm really looking forward to the final chapter of this great story.
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