Rising for Autumn

Katherine McIntyre
Rising for Autumn
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Loose Id
Release Date
February 2017
Book 3 of Philadelphia Coven Chronicles
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Crisis and danger have become second nature for Alanna Carrington. After all, as the boss of the Philadelphia Coven, she's responsible for upholding the laws amongst the supernatural. Which means when the Order of the Serpent rears its ugly head, this time with the most powerful necromancer this city's ever seen, she's the one person who can keep Philly safe. Ex-Order djinn and now ally, Samuel Karim, happens to be the best-suited guy to help. Except he's also the first man who's stoked her interest in far too long, and ever since she commandeered the lamp he's tethered to for safekeeping, he also hates her guts.

As the Order gathers the necromancers of her city and sparks a dangerous alliance, she finds herself working with Samuel Karim more and more. Hatred turns to passion, and when he exhibits a strength and compassion that breaks through her ironclad defenses, she finds herself falling deeper despite the complications between them. Yet with her city under siege and their lives on the line, the sharp desire between them erupts into the temptation to break their own rules, before the Order of the Serpent robs them of the chance permanently.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Mar 21, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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RISING FOR AUTUMN is my favourite book so far in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles. We meet the woman behind the Ice Queen mask and it is Sam, the djinn, who is there to help with the unmasking - but only in private! After all, Alanna is the leader of the coven, and a heavy weight rests on her shoulders with every decision she makes. If everyone knew how these decisions cost her, their unwavering faith in her may change. The Order of the Serpent rears its ugly head again, in fact, Alanna is correct in saying it should be a hydra! Thrown together, Sam and Alanna realise neither is quite what the other one thought.

I loved the approach in this book. Alanna is a strong woman, and makes no bones or apologies for that. There are not many who are prepared to look for the woman though, and that made me quite sad as I felt how lonely she was. Sam has tried to live as normal a life as he can, being a djinn tied to a lamp. Alanna constantly surprises him, and he sees the weight she carries. These two end up leaning on each other, as well as brainstorming and verbal sparring!

An excellent story, wrapped up in a tidy bundle with no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. The characters come to life and jump off the page, making you feel their highs and lows. I also love the season in each book. Katherine McIntyre is exceptional at placing the season without it being overpowering. It's subtle, and yet there for the seeing. I absolutely loved this story, and can't wait to continue with the series, although I also don't want it to end. Definitely recommended by me.
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