Live Wire

Caisey Quinn
Live Wire
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Berkley Publishing Group
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of Nashville's Finest
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery


Explosive ordinance disposal specialist Chase Fisk never breaks a sweat defusing even the most complicated of explosives. So when a homicidal maniac threatens to set off military-grade IEDs during Nashville's largest music festival, Chase is the man to take him down. But with the reappearance of a woman he thought was long dead, everything he thought he knew is blown away.


FBI operative Vivien Montgomery is an enigma to everyone around her. So when a deadly threat lands her in Nashville and paired up with the only man she's ever loved, she isn't looking forward to an emotional reunion. She's only here to get the job done and get out. But when the madman behind the chaos targets her for death, the one man she left behind might be the only person she can count on to save her life...

Book Review by Pip (reviewer)
Feb 16, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The threat of an imminent explosion at an immensely popular music festival brings Chase Fisk and Vivien Montgomery back together again and with it, the roiling emotions that had both tied up in knots for years when things ended on an unexpectedly tragic note.

LIVE WIRE is much shorter than I'd expected and as a continuation of Lit Fuse that detailed both Chase's and Viv's history four years earlier, wastes no time at all in reuniting estranged protagonists and pulling them together—in a rather mature way might I add—before the climax really happens. And that surprised me pleasantly, considering the conventions of the romantic suspense genre, where a huge blowup (sometimes literally) has to happen to pull the couple apart before they have their HEA and puts into question (at times) the maturity of all involved. In this case, I appreciated the no-nonsense way Caisey Quinn quickly cleared up the misunderstanding between Viv and Chase instead of leaving them flailing in the dark, and essentially rendering them as very sympathetic characters that I felt I could get behind.

The writing isn't perfect—there were parts I did find myself unable to suspend my disbelief sufficiently, especially when the men seemed as emotional as the women in their sappy heart-to-heart talks—but as a shorter read than most, LIVE WIRE did more than a decent job of setting up the series as well as the next pairing to come. And that's something I can honestly say I'm already looking forward to.
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