The Outer Rim

Alexis Martin
The Outer Rim
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Tyvan, trying to survive in the wilds of Urtopia, is spared from an attack by Anaki, who nurses Tyvan back to health from the near-fatal encounter. The beautiful blue alien manages to steal the human's heart in a very short time.

After Anaki is captured by the queen's warriors, Tyvan attempts to rescue her and finds his girlfriend, Chloe Jones, imprisoned in the same mining compound.

Chloe was introduced to Glenn Mathias, a young Federation Officer, while investigating the off-planet crash of Enos-5, and sparks begin to ignite when they take a mining freighter to Urtopia together in order to recover the A.I. brain of Eve and to find out Tyvan's true fate.

Will these four discover their true fates, and will they survive long enough to find love?

Book Review by Renee Rearden (author,reviewer)
Oct 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've always wondered about space, what it would be like to fly in a spaceship and if there is life on other planets. I got a sneak preview to both questions in THE OUTER RIM.

Captain Tyvan Sheppard's ship is attacked by a Turian vessel in the Helios system. The AI program on board steers his ship toward the planet Urtopia, giving Tyvan his best chance to stay alive.

Tyvan survives the crash landing. When he awakes, he is being tended by a blue alien female. Through some gesturing, Tyvan discovers the alien is named Anaki. He's shocked to learn there's life on Urtopia, and pleasantly surprised Anaki is quite intelligent. He is healed miraculously fast by her medicine and treatment. In a short amount of time together, she learns his language just as quickly.

Urtopia becomes Tyvan's only existence. Without any way of communicating with the outside worlds, he adapts to his new way of life. His attraction to Anaki grows, and soon he realizes his feelings are deeper than he thought possible. When he discovers there are different species of beings on Urtopia, Tyvan's new life and love is threatened.

Chloe Jones is Tyven's lover. When General Braxton delivers the news of Tyvan's death, she's devastated. An investigation into Tyvan's disappearance is started by Glenn Mathias, a young Federation officer. His questions cause Chloe to suspect General Braxton is hiding information about the crash.

She finagles her way onto the team boarding a ship headed to Urtopia to discover what really happened to Tyvan. During the journey to Urtopia, she and Glenn become lovers. When they're kidnapped, they realize their investigation threatens a mining corporation's profits. They're sold to a faction on Urtopia and must find a way to save themselves or become victims of corporate greed.

Ms Martin's depiction of a future still ruled by money, power and a race for natural resources struck true. Political maneuvering between species would be expected, and I was not disappointed.

I loved the description of Urtopia and the way the planet came to life on the page. The animals and new species are creative and interesting. Tyvan's character adjusted well to his changed circumstances, and I enjoyed the humorous interaction between him and Anaki.

Chloe's character was more difficult for me to like. She grieved Tyven for a whole afternoon before she decides to go to dinner with General Braxton. He's not her type, but he's powerful and they have a sexual encounter. Then she falls for Glenn and immediately puts his life in danger by making rash, selfish decisions. Thankfully, she redeemed herself at the end of the story. You know the saying: All's well that ends well!

So if you'd like to take a quick jaunt through the galaxy, visit a new planet, and enjoy some wicked hot space sex, look for THE OUTER RIM and enjoy the ride!
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