No Romance Required

Cari Quinn
No Romance Required
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Entangled Publishing
Release Date
August 2013
Book 3 of Love Required
Contemporary Romance

Faking it never felt so good…

Cory Santangelo is used to getting his way, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. Lately he hasn't had much opportunity to do anything but work, but one unexpectedly sexy night in a gazebo with Victoria, his gorgeous and feisty interior designer, changes all that—especially when they're caught on camera. Suddenly Cory's sterling reputation is no longer above reproach. Since his impromptu encounter coincides nicely with his need for a girlfriend to get his well-meaning, meddling parents off his back, he decides to ask his lifelong frenemy for a favor.

To pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. No strings attached.

The only problem? Vicky Townsend wants those strings tied all around her. She's battled a long-suppressed crush on Cory, and their combative work relationship has only fanned the flames. When he suggests his needs are more than she can handle, she's ready to up the ante. And her bargaining chip is lots of delicious, inventive sex.

Until they discover nothing feels as good as making it real…

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Feb 22, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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NO ROMANCE REQUIRED is a hot, sizzling read from the get-go. Well, if you can get past the first few boring pages wherein Cory had a talk with his parents before he walked out and saw Victoria in the gazebo and did the sexy with her that caused them to be featured in the paper. Okay, I get that his conversation with his parents is needed to set the stage for the story, but I wish it could've been done in another way that would make me, the reader, want to know more about the character.

Anyway, I'm glad that I soldiered on, and I enjoyed the rest of the story. Cory and Vic are hot together, and their romantic development is believable and realistic. Vic may give off a bad girl vibe, but in reality, she's waiting for that one man to whom she would be faithful to for all time. Love what she said about the ring, that once it's on her finger, it's never coming off. You can see how she's longing to have the kind of stability and security and family life that her parents never gave her.

The "grand gesture" was a bit extraneous, especially since it's not a surprise for Vic anymore, but that's a minor quibble. NO ROMANCE REQUIRED is totally worth the read!
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