The Mitus Touch

Stoni Alexander
The Mitus Touch
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SilverStone Publishing
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of The Touch Series
Erotic Romance

Wealth manager Brigit Farnay despises Colton Mitus. And with good reason. He ripped away her family's company during the most painful time in her life. Forced to work with him, she can't deny that Colton is gorgeous, brilliant, commanding. And the enemy. Her traitorous body craves his touch every moment of every day. And then she finds out about the erotic games he plays…

Corporate raider Colton Mitus is success and power personified. He demands control in the boardroom and in the bedroom. So he shouldn't be tempted by the newest member of the Mitus team. But he is. Brigit challenges him and frustrates him, but also quiets the demons that haunt him, especially as she agrees to be drawn into his secret, sinful world.

The most lucrative deal of Colton's career places Brigit's family's company in jeopardy. When old enemies return hell-bent on ruining him, Brigit is the only person who can save him. But she's been keeping secrets that could destroy everything…

Book Review by Knotty Reviewer (reviewer)
Mar 16, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Brigit Farnay is out for revenge against Colton Mitus in this steamy series opener, THE MITUS TOUCH. Brigit works for an investment firm, and when she sees mega rich Colton Mitus walk through the doors, she wants nothing to do with him. He ruined her life after her parents were killed and he stole their company.

Now Colton wants her--both in his bed and to help save his finances. But until a nightmare from her past shows up, she refuses him. After her apartment is ransacked and a very personal message is left, she then takes Colton up on his offer. She moves in and becomes a live-in employee. Colton has some very dark desires, and the employees in his home know all about it. I did find it odd that an employer would have his employees all mixed up with his sexual games.

Brigit and Colton each have secrets that may destroy their new relationship with each other. And what's up with the masquerade masks?

It's a well-written book and the sex scenes are hot. Though I found the book to be a bit long, it was still really good!
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Book Review by j.miracle27 (reviewer)
Mar 25, 2018
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This book... HOLY HELL... I don't even know if I can give it enough praise. 5 stars are nowhere near the rating this book should have its a 10 in my book. Being Stoni's first book I can definitely see her going places. Mitus Touch was superb. Waking up this morning I was at 5% when I started reading again and that was all she wrote for my day. I could not put this book down.

Stoni has the ability to capture your attention and hold it throughout the entire book. The Mitus Touch is full of drama, suspense, romance, it's scorching hot in places and has characters (main and secondary) that you will fall in love with. You never know what is going to happen next and are constantly trying to figure out who is doing what.

The lies, betrayal, and sabotage that fills these pages will have you sucked in forgetting everything around you. (at least it did for me) Stoni makes your emotions take a ride on a roller coaster, your heart beat out of your chest, and have you on the edge of your seat ready to chew off a nail or two...

Now the characters... Brigit is loyal, caring, smart as a whip, knows her job as a wealth manager and could do the job in her sleep. Not only that but she's a firecracker and sassy as hell. She hates Colton Mitus and with good reason. He ruined her life years before after she lost her parents.

Colton is a sexy man who has to be in control. Of EVERYTHING. With his finances dwindling away he has to hire a wealth manager, which is where he meets Brigit.

The chemistry and all that happens between these two will have you loving them but then hating them at times. So many times I wanted to scream at Colton and just shake him while asking what are you doing, get it together man...

I cannot wait for the next story from Stoni that has Colton's sister and his best friend :)
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