His Viking Bride

Olivia Norem
His Viking Bride
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Olivia Norem
Release Date
September 2016
Historical Romance

A Twist of Fate… A Battle of Wills...

Aestrid Karisson, a Viking princess who lives by her own rules; fiercely free and independent – that is, whenever she can elude the watchful eyes of her overbearing father. When she escapes for an afternoon of adventure, she never suspected to forever alter her destiny.

Captured by a band of raiding Picts, Aestrid is adorned and bound for sacrifice. In the midst of their ritual of blood and fire, the Picts are ransacked by Veleif Kollsvein and his fearsome warriors. Reputed as the most brutal barbarian across all of the North Seas, Aestrid unwittingly trades one abductor for another. Journeying farther from her home across this unforgiving landscape; it isn't until they reach Veleif's stronghold that her true identity is discovered.

The oceans are cracking with ice, the mountains impassable, and Veleif refuses Aestrid's pleas to be returned home. Determined to torment him until he complies, this vixen wages a personal war with the dark and dangerous Viking prince. But when Veleif's high council decides the two must marry, and quickly, to unite their kingdoms – Veleif combats her with a campaign of his own. Seduction.

Can the wicked heat in Veleif's game of delicious temptation melt Aestrid's combative heart? Will the Viking prince tame this warrior princess and claim her as his willing bride? Or will she forever see him as nothing more than her heartless enemy?

His Viking Bride is a love story filled with folly and challenge, wit and passion… by two iron-willed characters who share more than their explosive traits… the ecstasy of all-consuming love.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
May 10, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A day of fun turns to tragedy when Aestrid and her brother are attacked by raiders. Her rescue by another enemy saves her from death but makes her a slave. She survives the journey to their homeland and begins a personal battle with the leader. It will be a true battle between them to see who stands strong in the fight for love.

Aestrid is a Princess and the only daughter of a powerful Viking leader. Her father is fierce and rules with his fists and through fear. There is little love between them but she adores her brother. She sees her father grooming him for battles and wants to remind him of more fun days. Their day turns deadly and he is killed and she almost joins him in death. Her rescue by another enemy may very well make her a slave but she won't make it easy on them. She is determined to escape and return home. When her identity is revealed, she hopes the leader will let her return home for a ransom. She may not be physically strong but she has strengths that she will use to convince him to send her home. Veleif is more attractive than she expected but she wants her freedom.

Veleif is a Viking prince who rules his kingdom with strength but also with a deep concern for the people. He enjoys his life and has his choice of women to warm his furs. He has no wife or child and his council believes that a union between him and Aestrid will strengthen their kingdom even more. He knows she will be resistant to the idea so he works to woo her. It is not an easy task and he has to use his intelligence instead of brute strength to win this personal battle.

Vikings are a popular character in the historical romance genre. Veleif fits the usual description of a strong and powerful leader who enjoys feasting on food and women. The first night back in his room is the scene that seemed to set the usual tone for these stories. He has no concern about his sexual activities with women and taunts Aestrid. I was prepared at that point to really dislike him. As the story continues, the author reveals that he is not your typical Viking who uses mostly his physical strength to intimidate and win his battles. You get to see his intelligence. He has used his brain too to create his kingdom and has talents that are not as well known. He also has had personal tragedies that weigh on him and has great respect for women. He is not the brute you were first introduced to in the first few chapters. He actually wants real love and a family and wants Aestrid to genuinely want that too.

The games between the two of them are the highlight of the book. Aestrid is a real schemer. She knows she is not a physical match for the men so she uses her brain to try to come up with ways to defeat any plans they may have for her and be returned to her home. She needs support from others to win. She uses her kitchen skills to endear her to the people. She has an idea for how to use those skills to her advantage. It doesn't take him long to be on to her games and the fun truly starts. The back and forth between them as they both try to win really added a fun element to the story.

Vikings are frequent characters in the historical romance genre. This book started out with many of the usual elements. You have a young innocent woman taken by Vikings as a slave and the leader that enjoys battles, liquor and women and sets out to enjoy her in his bed too. As you get to know the characters, the author differentiates themselves from the usual. The author creates a rivalry between them and a game of one-upmanship that really add some fun to the story. They are both strong and determined and really make a good match once they are willing to open their eyes and hearts to love. It is a well-written story and one that will please fans of historical romances.
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