Blackburn Castle

R.C. Matthews
Blackburn Castle


Crimson Romance
Release Date
April 2017
Book 2 of Tortured Souls
Historical Romance

He wants her. She wants him dead...

A shadow hovers over Victor Blackburn, an ancient curse come to claim his life. His only hope of survival is a witch who vanished long ago without a trace. As the day of his death approaches, he must accept his gruesome fate. That is, until his astonishing discovery. The witch is living under his very nose in the town of Devil's Cove. In spite of the desire simmering between them, she'll not yield to his pleas to break the curse, forcing him to take matters into his own hands. Even if it means using her own magic against her.

Mercy Seymour counts down the days until the Blackburn curse will claim Victor's life. He murdered her mother, and only his death will free her of the hatred and anger burning in her breast. Though her body may betray her in his presence, she will never betray her vow to see him dead. But when she is spirited away to Blackburn Castle in the highlands of Scotland, forces of magic and mists from beyond the grave weaken her resolve, opening her eyes to the truth of the past, and an even greater danger than she imagined.

As Victor and Mercy unearth the fabled stones needed to break the curse, they discover that the only weapon powerful enough to destroy hate, is love.


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