Sunshine's Savior

Lynn Hagen
Sunshine's Savior
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Book 3 of Brac Pack
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Dakota Amergan, beta of the Brac Pack, is sent on the hunt four states away by his alpha. As he scours the rough streets for a mystery man, he is approached in a dark alley by Blair, a male prostitute who begs to show him a good time.

Blair Weston, first abused by his father then kicked out of his home, survives on the streets by selling his body. But when he offers himself to a fiercely protective werewolf, he finds Dakota isn't the typical john.

Dakota, anxious to keep his mate off the streets, will do anything to keep Blair close. But can Blair overcome his self-loathing and let the warmth of Dakota's love remove the clouds of shame from his mind?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jun 26, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I am once again impressed with Ms. Hagen's ability to write about such painful and taboo subjects with an incredible amount of compassion. Her talent at drawing a reader in and developing relatable characters in so few pages is incredible. This third installment in the Brac Pack series once again shows us love can mend even the most skeptical and wounded of hearts.

Blair has been on his own ever since his father kicked him out of the house when Blair got too "old" for him. With no other way to support himself he turned to prostitution. Blair doesn't trust easily, but there is something about Kota that makes him feel safe.

Kota is the Beta of the Brac Pack and has been sent 4 states away to find someone by his Alpha, what he finds instead is his mate. Now he just has to convince Blair that he is for real and that he can trust him. Kota knows that Blair has some baggage but he isn't giving him up no matter how hard Blair tries to push him away.

This book might be hard for some people to read because it does talk about child molestation, but I think the overall feeling you will come away with is one of survival. I like the way that Ms. Hagen deals with the many problems that the mates have and shows that that they can't all be fixed easily. They all have set-backs but with the love of their mates and the support of the pack, they work through them and are stronger for it.

I find myself ready to dive back into her world again and again.
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