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Luminosity Publishing LLP
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of The Boys of Banana Court
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Mitch Montgomery should be happy. He's just got his own apartment with his best, Josh Connors, recently landed a job at IGNITE—the coolest and gayest gym in town—and his new neighbor is hot, hung, horny, and above everything else, interested.

So why isn't he … happy?

It's because he thought that by now his life would be way better somehow.

Austin Grey is gorgeous. Everybody wants him. But he only wants Mitch Montgomery who recently moved in across the way. Austin has a problem. A very big problem. He used to be … fat.

While in high school, Austin was an outcast, unpopular and bullied. After graduation, he vowed to leave that person behind and become the wet dream on legs he is now. Easier said than done. While working on his outer self, he neglected his inner self, and he can't seem to accept the new person he's become no matter how hard he tries.

All on the same city block, the boys at Banana Court learn to live, love and sometimes lose as they strive to have a little fun along the way.

Reader Advisory: A Gay Romance coming of age series about young men who are intelligent, naïve, passionate, hard headed or sometimes, just plain hard.

Book Review by Lucy
Apr 07, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mitch and his best friend, Josh, recently moved to Banana Court and the place is awash with hot, hung and handsome men. The pool area alone is enough to feast on for days. Mitch is a commitment-phobe who is all about getting some and this seems to be the right place for it. It's just a bonus that he meets the gorgeous and superfit neighbor, Austin. Score on the move!

Austin is sexy and sweet but he's got a secret. He went to high school with both Mitch and Josh, although he was a year ahead of them. He was an overweight, bullied pariah at the time, while Mitch was the totally popular football player. Austin has worked hard to get his body the way it is today but that nagging negative self-image persists. This was so realistic, those sabotaging thoughts and constant focus on food. "He could have sworn those two spongy, cream cakes of deliciousness were now permanently implanted to each side of his torso, adding to his love handles." Love handles he doesn't have, by the way.

There are times when both Mitch and Josh seem so shallow, reducing men to their physicality. Yet, when it comes down to it, there is more. Josh especially, when he is talking to Mitch about their friendship and Mitch's struggles with both his family and with Austin, was that friend we all want to have.

We get to watch Mitch and Josh try to navigate their way past their own issues, Austin's body image and lack of self-worth, Mitch's commitment issues and family drama, to try to make their way to a possible future. At least, the attempt at a future.

I want to say, my initial reaction seeing this book was, that cover is amazing! After reading the book, I was surprised that the men on the cover matched how I pictured Mitch and Austin. Since that rarely happens for me, I was suitably impressed. I liked the story and would recommend it.
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