Erzabet Bishop
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Release Date
February 2017
Book 2 of Curse Workers
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance

It's witchcraft…
Nestled in the shadowy thoroughfares of Salem, Bridget has created a new life for herself. Saved from the noose by the mysterious Mr. Black during the witch trials, she runs Broomstix, a thriving curse worker and hex shop. Dangerous cravings thrust her back in harm's way as evil stalks the streets. Will the allure of the forbidden be her curse or her salvation?
Alistair is a wolf caught between desire and duty to his pack. His Alpha goes missing and evidence of arcane magic and murder come a little too close to home. A chance encounter at a Halloween party brings his beast to the forefront and one night of passion leaves him wanting much, much more.
A war is brewing in Salem between the wolves and witch kind. When more deaths are found linked to rogue wolves, the two join forces. But wild magic reigns on Samhain and the moon may just have a mind of her own…

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jun 15, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Salem has a tragic past. Now, the future is in jeopardy too. Rogue wolves are killing paranormals. It is setting up a war between the vampires, witches, fae and shifters. Amongst the danger, attractions are forming that test loyalty. Can a witch and a wolf find something real or will it be destroyed by the lies and secrets that surround them?

The city of Salem has horrible memories for witches and the future is not looking so bright either. Attacks by rogue wolf shifters are on the rise and taking the lives of supernaturals, including young witches. Investigations are being conducted but they have not captured those responsible. Suspicions are mounting and the heat is rising.

This book is comprised of some short stories taking place in the same time period showing the situation from different characters' viewpoints. It takes place shortly after Sanguine Shadows, which I previously reviewed. As with that book, there are two main characters that dominate the story. Bridget and Alistair are captivated when they meet each other at a party. As a witch and a wolf shifter, they are not supposed to be together. The current suspicion against the wolves is not helping their chances at having a successful relationship.

Bridget is a really interesting character. She is one of the original witches from Salem and almost died at the stake hundreds of years ago. Everyone she loved turned against her and she has not forgotten that pain. She was rescued by someone known only as Mr. Black. Bridget keeps her past quiet and even changed her last name. She operates a popular magic store where she does her curse work and wears the evidence of those curses as tattoos on her skin. She has kept to herself and not formed romantic entanglements until she is tempted by Alistair. This wolf shifter excites her and those long lost feelings encourage her to get involved again.

Alistair is a wolf shifter in a dangerous position. He needs to protect his pack but his Alpha may be the cause of the recent attacks. Both he and his wolf find Bridget hard to resist when they meet. There is an instant connection. Pursuing the desire will make his life even more complicated but denying it seems impossible. Alistair is very intelligent, very charming and has a great sense of humor. It is easy to see why Bridget would find him a real temptation.

The author has created a really interesting storyline and does a really great job in developing the characters and in a short story format. The multi-layered look from the different characters perspectives really serves the storyline well. I highly encourage you to read the first book in the Curse Workers series titled Sanguine Shadows as a prerequisite but you could read them separately or even just read this one as a standalone. The storylines are directly related and there is a hot romance in that story as well. There are still many unanswered questions at the end of the book regarding who is responsible for the crimes and how these new relationships will progress. I look forward to reading more about the characters in Salem.
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