Close Encounters of the Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Novella

Fiona Roarke
Close Encounters of the Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Novella

Sugar Skull Books
Release Date
January 2017
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Pilot. Guard. Prisoner.
All three are crashed in the Georgia woods, lost on a world where extraterrestrials are the stuff of science fiction. Blending into the human world is doable, if dangerous. But what if the locals are far from human themselves, with secrets of their own?

Stella Grey's mission had been simple: Locate the occupants of the downed prisoner transport in the Georgia woods. Secure the prisoner. And, above all, keep the earthlings from discovering that aliens live and walk among them, namely in a place called Alienn, Arkansas. So how did she wind up in a jail cell in an odd little town called Nocturne Falls?
And what was he doing here?

Draeken Phoenix was well aware of his bad-boy reputation as the son of one of Alpha-Prime's best families. He'd spent a good part of his life getting in and out of trouble on the strength of his wit, charm and sheer bravado.
He never expected to become a prisoner bound for a galactic gulag. Until now, the worst thing that had ever happened to him was losing the woman he loved. But he has a plan.
If he needs to add a jailbreak to the plan, so be it.


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