Cowboy Boots & Handcuffs

Gina Kincade;Kiki Howell
Cowboy Boots & Handcuffs


Naughty Nights Press LLC
Release Date
December 2020
Book 1 of Majors Creek Ranch
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Literary Romance, Western Romance

This entitled female is about to find out what happens when young women misbehave. Will she win over the ever-elusive emotions of Jason Majors, or go home to Daddy and an advantageous marriage?

Jason Majors, bodyguard extraordinaire and owner of Majors Creek Ranch, thought he'd dealt with them all before. From the wealthiest models to the daughters of the crime syndicate, his job was to keep them safe. The best in the business, in fact, until now...

Kathryn Caruthers, raised in boarding schools due to her Senator father being re-married to politics, had no one to teach her how to act other than spoiled rich girls and the boarding school employees paid well to cater to her every whim.

Now under the watchful guard of Mr. Majors and his fellow wardens, she's pushing back against life's little changes the only way she knows how.

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Jan 25, 2018
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On one hand you've got Kathryn Caruthers, who having been a primp and proper young woman, knew of no other life, other than the one she's been accustomed to. Having had her very impulse accommodated, she had become na´ve regarding how to behave like a typical lower-class woman when in the presence of a real man.

On the other hand, you've got an extraordinaire hunk of a bodyguard, Jason Majors, who's also the owner of the Major Creek Range. Although this guy has been with a myriad of women, ranging from the richest models around to those hot, whore-like organized crime daughters, he's ever had to deal with anyone like Kathryn, a woman he's been hired to protect.

Being required to quickly change, this former, proper, upper crust young woman now is finding out and is learning out about how bad girls behave. But is this newly acquired knowledge enough to mesmerize a guy whose emotions when it came to women have always been ever-elusive and win his heart; or will she be force to go back to her former lifestyle only to be involved in a marriage which is advantageous to her family.

I know which one I would choose. Which one would you?

I love it when two writers can come together and give their readers a cohesive story like the one you've got here.

I found this book to be precisely what I wanted it to be; a genuinely appealing story boosted with the right amount of hot, steamy sex scenes; which is why I've given it 5 STARS.
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