In the Still of the Night

Marla Monroe
In the Still of the Night
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Release Date
March 2011
Book 2 of The Protectors
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Take one gun-shy woman and one hotter than hell man and watch the sparks fly. Jenna's taste in men has been pretty pathetic to date, but when she meets Riley, she hopes her luck has changed. Riley is a little wild and a lot hot, but will he stick around long enough for them to explore the sparks between them? Can they build a relationship that will last?

When Jenna's ex shows up with blood in his eyes, Riley appoints himself her bodyguard. He plans to stick around long enough to rid Jenna of her ex, but after that, he plans to ride off again. Jenna plans to pull out all the stops to change his mind about leaving. In the end, will love prove the one constant in both of their lives?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Book Review by Rebecca
Jul 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is the second installment of The Protectors series. IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT focuses on Jenna and Riley, friends of the couple from book one. These characters definitely had more personality though there was never enough to connect the reader to them.

Jenna has a terrible track record with men, having first married and divorced an abusive man and then dated yet another. Now she's being stalked but isn't sure who to watch out for. Then when her ex-husband is released from jail and wants revenge on Jenna, it's Riley who is determined to serve as her bodyguard. With such a commitment, readers might think it's obvious that Riley has feelings for Jenna but this didn't seem so obvious to her. Her naivety was a huge turn-off to me.

Jenna has feelings for Riley too. Though he's supposedly not the type of man to commit, she decides to allow herself to indulge in a fling with him. And even though he's a bit rough, he's hot taking care of her in bed and gentle taking care of her injuries. But then, once he helps rid Jenna of her stalker, Riley rides off on his motorcycle and leave Jenna feeling the loss… until they discover they shared more than just a fling.

Both heroes in The Protectors series so far have been identified as being too rough in bed for their heroines. Like Logan, the hero in the first Protectors book, Riley also worries his sexual desires are too rough. It took him a little less time to realize Jenna could handle him (thank goodness) but I never understood where that thought came from. Ms Monroe failed to provide the background for this part of the storyline.

The story had a nice premise, it had a strong foundation but then lacked the essence of a romantic suspense. Much of what I read was simply told to me as opposed to being shown to me through characterization. The disparity in the characters' backgrounds, education and income seemed as if it should've been addressed but was all but ignored. Time lapses and other minor errors were prevalent. And finally, everything was just wrapped up too neatly at the end.

I'm sorry to say that this just isn't a series I'll continue to follow. I gave it a second try but now I'll bow out. I do hope that anyone who chooses to read the book enjoys it more than I did.
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