Valentine Vision

Tammy Tate
Valentine Vision

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January 2017
Contemporary Romance

Valentine's Day is approaching and Tori signs a five-year modeling contract with a high-end perfume manufacturer. The ink isn't even dry when she's thrown through the windshield in a horrific car accident. Despite a deep laceration to her face, the doctors say it's a miracle she's alive.
Tell that to a Dallas girl who was on her way to becoming America's next top model.
With her funds dwindling, Tori scans the classifieds for a job. Preferably, one that doesn't require a pretty face to sustain a decent wage. One ad stands out among the others. A Personal Assistant to the blind son of an oil tycoon. What more could she ask for?
Tori didn't expect her new boss to be witty, buff and extremely handsome. Mark didn't expect to be captivated by his new assistant's gutsy mindset. When his eyesight is restored, will Tori still be the desirable woman he envisioned? Or, will tragedy strike twice for the ex-model?

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Jan 29, 2018
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What beautiful model wouldn't die to have a contract with a top of the line producer of an expensive perfume?

Tori McBride is that woman; however it was something that was never meant to be. No sooner than she had she signed her contract with Herrick's Cologne that fate decides to step in and destroy her dream from ever becoming a reality.

Six months after her horrendous car accident in which she had gotten flung out of her car through the windshield, and left with a six-inch facial scar; Tori's bank account has gotten nearly depleted, leaving her with a desperate need of a job, any job. Tori begins classical search to find one by checking out the classified ads praying there would be one which didn't require that the applicant need to be good looking.

Her prays got answered when she found one wanting a Personal Assistant to the blind son of a wealthy businessman. Tori, who didn't care what he would look like especially since he couldn't see her, got presently surprise when he turned out to be a real charmer, witty and delectably handsome.

Mark loved Tori's personality, especially the plucky attitude she possessed, something he never had imagined getting in his assistant. Mark basically knew that his condition would be a temporary one, so naturally he had a developed a preconceived idea of what his assistant actually would look like. So when his eyesight gets restored will he still be infatuated with Tori once he sees what she actually looks like. And will Tori have the rug pulled from under her from a promising existence once that happens.

Both Tori and Mark have their individual impediments which have been making their lives less than what they really like them to be. Fate as made each of their individual needs bearable, but only if they're willing to accept each other for whom and what they are. For having given her readers an emotional yet hopeful story, I've given Ms. Tate 5 STARS for her endeavor here.
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