Faith in a Dom

T.J. Betts
Faith in a Dom


Angel Writers
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of Faith, Grace, Hope
Erotic Romance

Faith Gallagher is an intuitive healer, purveyor of crystals and believer in divine guidance, which is how she finds herself in tiny Haven on the northern California coast. The residents think she is a witch and the shop she opens, The Crystal Maven, is too "woo woo" for their town. But Faith knows she has been guided here for a reason and will not be deterred. She loves with her whole heart and gives unconditionally. She is an awakened soul, in everything but her own sexuality.

Ian Michaelson is Sheriff, Dominant and believer in maintaining control in all things. Ian has seen tragedy as a police detective in the big city and returned to his hometown to salvage his career and his psyche. He doesn't date. He spends his free time at The Club, a very private BDSM club, training new submissives while keeping his heart intact.

A chance meeting on a starry night puts Faith on Ian's radar. He recognizes her dormant submissive side and offers to show her the joy to be found in her submission. She recognizes a wounded soul and shows him how to open his heart to healing and the love that awaits him in her arms.

Their budding relationship is marred by the specter of murder. A young masochist, whom Ian played with in the past, is found brutally beaten and dumped along a hiking path in the local state park. There are only a handful of sadists who could have perpetrated this heinous act. Can Ian catch the murderer before Faith becomes his next victim? Can love grow against Ian's resistance to giving his heart again? And can Faith embrace her inner submissive to win his love?
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