Some Other Time

Charlotte Symonds
Some Other Time


Release Date
August 2016
Inspirational Romance

Some Other Time is an emotionally charged novel that delves into the lives of three individuals whose stories are interwoven, after each goes through a life altering experience. Madison, a single mom, was becoming an empty nester. The day she both was proud of and dreaded had finally arrived when leaving her daughter at college. Madison's day was about to turn worse, when a secret she had kept for more than 20 years was about to reemerge, by merely opening an envelope.
Asher, was an intelligent man and after a long, over-due divorce, was resolute in his desire to feel fulfillment again. He was financially successful and to others seemed to have it all, yet, his life was missing the one key ingredient that makes living worthwhile…love. Determined to change his life around, Asher devises a plan to energize and bring meaning back to his life once again.
Bryant was successful in his career and had a beautiful woman whom he loved by his side. His life was one to be envied. When life pulls the rug out from under him, Bryant needs to regain his bearings, take back control and adjust to the dreadful situation. Even the strongest of men, can be weakened by matters of the heart.

Book Review by vera (reviewer)
Mar 21, 2017
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How does the lives of three people intersect and change their worlds?

In Some Other Time by Charlotte Symonds, the reader meets 3 ordinary people. People, who through a common event, find their lives changed forever. Madison single mother, left as an empty nester when her daughter goes to college, receives a letter when opened will tear her world apart. Asher, newly divorced, has decided to change his life and find fulfillment and love which have been missing from life for years. Will his plan come to fruition? Bryant has life by the tail; a beautiful lover he loves, he's loved in return, a best friend who's also his partner, and a successful career. Then fate turns the tables on him and changes his wonderful life.

What do all 3 have in common and how does it relate? As each tell their story, secrets and events are revealed. Grab a seat and a beverage, my contemporary fiction novel review of Some Other Time follows.


First, let me say, if you have not read Charlotte Symonds books, you are missing a tremendous treat. Each one's filled with drama and deep human emotion. Some Other Time's no different! Grab the tissue box as you begin this wonderfully crafted contemporary fiction. Few authors grab me and almost wrench my heart from my chest, as Ms. Symonds does; with a box of tissues and a pot of tea, I always read her books straight through.

That said, I must say, what a heart breaking emotional story-lines revealed as each character tells their story; this is an intense character driven story. I did not start to cry until almost half way through the book. At that point I couldn't hold my tears or feelings in check any more. All I could think was how strange life really is, it goes round and round in an endless circle; meeting, loving, and parting. Symonds wove the threads of this story tightly together to form a solid heart tugging story-line.

With twists and turns, the reader's kept on their toes as they followed Madison, Asher, and Bryant, You read of a life altering event and it's impacts on each of them. I actually said, What! at one point. Then I went back and re-read to make sure I had read what I thought I had. Emotions run at fever pitch in this story as we follow of the lives of these three. Although filled with secrets and guilt, this story's also about redemption and forgiveness for self and others. Life has a way of turning on a dime and righting its self. Symonds writing is clear and concise with a smooth pace and well-developed characters. I found myself relating to each of them as their story's told; revelations, secrets, guilt, and relationships revealed.

Finally, in concluding my review of Some Other Time, as I closed my e Reader on this book, I found myself reflecting on life, decisions made, and the results which can last a lifetime. Yet unknown forces in their infinite wisdom can give that same life another chance in another way or some other time. Symonds produced a thought-provoking story-line, well-written with well-developed characters and romance. Furthermore, Symonds has no need of sex in her books as her story-telling and writing skill alone carry the stories and Some Other Time's no exception. I would not hesitate to buy the book for my self or a friend.


In addition, when I started reviewing books, I gave a lot of 5 star reviews; each well-earned. Over time, I realized I was doing an injustice to the books which were exceptional in writing, premise, pace, structure, and characters. I am now more discriminating and give only 4 or fewer stars unless a book's exceptional. Some Other Time received 5 well-deserved stars. Do I feel it is exceptional in writing, premise, pace, structure, and characters? Without a doubt the answer is a resounding yes.


Additionally, I purchased this book with a gift certificate and I voluntarily chose to review the book with honest reviews for contemporary romance fiction novel. Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author's opinion. Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions. Furthermore, no one influenced my voluntary reviews for contemporary romance fiction novel.

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