Blood Submission

L.E. Wilson
Blood Submission
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Everblood Publishing, LLC
Release Date
April 2017
Book 5 of Deathless Night Series
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Her blood saves his life.
Her embrace slays his soul.

Dante Gabor has survived many things since becoming a vampire, but jumping from a plane and crash landing in the desert without a parachute was pushing it, even for him. To survive the relentless sun, he buries his broken body in its own sandy grave. But healing is painfully slow, and he's forced to rise and hunt for larger prey. Half mad with thirst, he's brought to his knees by the seductive taste of a lone female whose sweet blood heals his body, but leaves him craving still more.


Laney Moss loves the Mojave desert that surrounds her home and hikes the upper trails often, prepared for anything she might run across. But nothing prepared her for the monster that comes with the setting sun to stalk her. In the moments before he attacks, one word crashes through her terrified mind — Vampire. She manages to get away, but he tracks the call of her blood and ignites a passion in her that frightens her nearly as much as it thrills her.

Dante is left with no choice but to take her home to his secret lair.
Now he just needs to convince her to stay.

Book Review by Nadene R (reviewer)
Mar 12, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BLOOD SUBMISSION by L.E. Wilson is the fifth book in the Deathless Night series. I went into this book believing it could be read as a stand-alone as each book in the series focuses on a different couple. However, as I progressed through the story, I came to realise I was wrong in my assumptions. Although the couples were different for each installment, there were a series of events, which started from the first installment. Therefore, to gain a full understanding of these events it would be best to start with the first installment. With that being said here are views on what I loved and the things I had issues with.

What I Loved

The Characters
Laney: I loved her strength, her bravery and her determination in the face of her challenges. She found herself in a precarious situation, but she refused to show her fear to the enemy.

Dante: He is the hero, you cannot help but love despite his dark side. He is a tortured soul with a dark past. It would be easy for me to hate him for the manner in which he treated the heroine, but when I learnt of the events that made him the way he was I could not help but empathise with him. He is not a big fan of humans, which was understandable given the treatment meted out to him after being turned into a vampire. Therefore, his confusion as it relates to his reaction to Laney came as no surprise.

Laney and Dante both had demons from their past haunting them, as such it was easy to see how they would develop a rapport with each other. A part from their blood connection, they were connected by their pasts and emotions.

I loved the portrayal of the secondary characters. The author made me curious about their back story.

The Action: The action, which started at around the seventy percent mark, was intense and engaging. It kept me on my toes and made me eager to know how the events would unfold.

The Story: I enjoyed how the story unfolded. It was a well-written and engaging read. Aside from Dante and Laney's relationship, there were other interesting events taking place. Interesting, as these events were where I had a hard time following them. This was not the author's fault. It had to do with the fact I had not read the previous books in the series prior to picking up this one. I will look to rectify this as I am curious to know what triggered these events and how it would eventually unfold.

What I Did Not Like

Romance: I was not a big fan of the romance. In fact, the romance was non-existent. The interaction between the protagonists was based on a need for sustenance and survival. Then as the story progressed they had difficulty reconciling their feelings with their present situation. In the end, we see them coming to terms with their feelings. However, their journey on this path was fraught with pain, anger and fear.

The relationship aspect of the story was neatly tied up, but in respect of the other events, the story left me hanging.


Overall, this was a good read and I am looking forward to picking up the other books. If you are a paranormal fan and love heroes who have a dark side then you will enjoy this book. Remember though that you need to read the previous books before proceeding with this one.
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