Piece by Piece

Brandy Ayers
Piece by Piece


Brandy Ayers
Release Date
September 2016
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Jax was there to do a job… His mission was simple: go undercover, poke around The Beanstalk, take down the sex trafficking ring run out of the seedy strip club. The absolute last thing on his mind was getting involved with a woman.

But then he saw her… Harper took the stage and everything else faded away. He couldn't resist the pull of the gorgeous, damaged woman. No matter how hard he tried.

Harper loathes her job… But she'd had few options since losing her sister and taking in her orphaned niece. It'd been years since she felt anything other than revulsion toward men, especially the ones that worked and played at The Beanstalk.

Until Jax… He was cocky, mysterious, and sexy as hell. Everything Harper didn't need in her already complicated life. She pushed him away, but he kept coming back for more.

As the pull between them intensifies, will Jax allow his need to possess Harper jeopardize his case and the lives of dozens of victims? Can Harper let Jax tear down her walls piece by piece?

This is a quick and dirty read, with a dash of insta-love; a pinch of suspense; a bearded, tattooed alpha male; and a smart, sexy stripper. Enjoy!


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