Second Chance

JF Holland
Second Chance


JF Holland Romance
Release Date
March 2016
Book 3 of Dennison Property Story
Contemporary Romance

The third book in the Dennison Property Story Series. Characters to relate to with human failings. Book also contains erotic scenes, humour, chemistry and profanity. It also touches on PTSD (Each book is a standalone read in its own right).

Jeff Haneran's fighting demons no one else can see. Being ex-military his experiences in the Middle-East have left him suffering not only physical pain, but flashbacks and nightmares of a day that has haunted him ever since.

Back in civilian life Jeff finds solace and coping mechanisms in the playboy lifestyle. He successfully masters a cavalier attitude until the return of the only women he ever loved.

Letting Helen Orpington go was one of the hardest decisions Jeff had ever made. Now 5 years on she's unexpectedly back and also working for the same company as him. She's also has something he never thought he wanted; not after his experiences, yet he now refuses to live without either.

Will they get their Second Chance at first love or will Jeff's demons keep them apart?


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