Naked Desire

Lydia Larue
Naked Desire


Release Date
March 2017
Book 2 of Desire
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Kelly Velasquez's trust in men was restored when her then ex-fiance, Anthony Velasquez, walked into her life and had helped her expose the terrifying truths about a designer drug called Rapture. In the presence of his acts of bravery, her heart swooned.

Now the lead anchor for Channel 5 News in Laredo, Texas, and the wife of Anthony, Kelly tries to juggle both her family life and professional life, as well as recover from the memories that plague her from her time in the hands of Manuel Alvarez, the old cartel leader of the Diablo de le Muerte. With the testimony of the old cartel leader, Manuel "Crazy Manny" Alvarez, the Diablo de la Muerte Cartel is brought to heel on the US side of the border and forced to retreat to Mexico, and Kelly is sure that the danger from their past is behind them.

When Kelly and Tony learn that Manuel escaped federal prison, she relives the trauma from her kidnapping once more, and her common sense says to listen to logic, but her ambition keeps her fighting her husband and his concern for safety at every turn.

As Manuel gets closer to finding them, she feels herself opening up to the idea of placing her family first and grows concerned with what will happen if the ex-drug lord would find them. Her ambition to remain in the public eye is falling, and she begins to envision a life outside of Channel 5 News with her family. But Crazy Manny stands in the way.


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