Seducing Sensei

S.N. McKibben
Seducing Sensei
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Troll River Publications
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of Notice Me Senpai
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it—but why here?

A professional teacher by day, Moriel learns that students can sometimes be the best teachers. Eighteen-year-old Scott Cooper and Itsuma Karter, two of his students share similar interests—including lust for each other. Emotions flare when Itsuma challenges "Mr. Reis's" authority.

After Moriel harshly disciplines Itsuma in front of the entire class, the young student vows to regain a piece of his wounded pride back. Torn by loyalty for his smoldering friend and classmate, Scott Cooper watches his homeroom teacher with dreamy, lust-filled eyes.

The heated conflict begins a fiery battle between Itsuma and his teacher. As this passion translation becomes a lustful tale, a surprising 'hot for teacher' story becomes a love affair, and a passionate adventure.

This out of the ordinary exploration for the two students allows them entrance into a world of erotic confessions, taking them on a journey into the velvet art of seduction that begins when the fighting ends. But as their taboo sexual persuasions beckon for something more, in lies the question… do two wrongs make a right?

Moriel, Scott, and Itsuma learn the answer.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jun 17, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SEDUCING SENSEI by S.N. McKibben is a provocative story between a summer school teacher and two of his students but it's also much more than that. The overriding plot is the development of the relationship between the teacher (Moriel) and his students (Scott and Itsuma) but it's also about coming to terms with your past (and learning from it) and not repeating those same mistakes.

Likes: the interactions between the three were entertaining, the sex scenes were steamy, and there was a bit (slight) of kink to ramp things up.

Dislikes: I felt that the overall story could have been developed a bit more and maybe the central focus didn't need to be sex. There really is a lot going on and at times, it seemed as though the sex scenes overshadowed it.

But overall, it's a fast read. Once you get into it, it's engrossing and chances are you won't want to put it down.

*For those affected by triggers, one of the characters is a victim of abuse and Ms. McKibben doesn't mince words or gloss over things. If something like that bothers you, then you may want to avoid this story. 
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