How to Take Revenge on a Disloyal Scot

Amy Quinton
How to Take Revenge on a Disloyal Scot


Amy Quinton
Release Date
March 2017
Historical Romance

Love is…

Revenge? Because what else's a girl supposed to do when she learns the man she loves has found himself a bride?

Probably found himself a bride.

All right, according to rumor, found himself a bride.

Really, what else could have kept him away for eight solid months? Gambling? He was awful at cards. The Theater? He hated the opera. A political position in Parliament? Ha!

No, No, and hell, No.

Regardless of his excuses, Jamie Ferguson (the Disloyal-er) was not going to get away with throwing over Wilhelmina Rutherford (the Disloyal-ee) for anything or anyone, especially some nameless London tart.

Ergo, revenge and a cunning-nothing-could-possibly-go-wrong-here plan:

1. Run Him to Ground
2. Make Him Squirm
3. Show Him You're Indifferent
4. Let Him Brood
5. Enlist Reinforcements to Your Cause
6. Show Him What He's Missing
7. Tell Him Goodbye

What could possibly go wrong?

This is a short story and was previously published as part of the Love Is...Winter Romance multi-author charity anthology.


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