It Takes a Cat Burglar

Cailin Briste
It Takes a Cat Burglar
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Hot Sauce Publishing
Release Date
May 2017
Book 1 of A Thief in Love Romance
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

When Darcelle Lebeau throws off the invisible chains that keep her bound to her family, she discovers a new vocation. Tempted to enter the illegal playground of a man she nicknames Matou, she becomes a cat burglar in training. Deeply ensnared with each task he entices her to fulfill, she fails to discover his identity and true intentions.

Sebastian St. Croix, a wealthy businessman, has a dark side. He's a thief, a cat burglar who steals art and historical objects. For one year, he trains Darcelle to become his assistant, remaining incognito, observing her from afar. His admiration grows along with his desire for her with every phase-one challenge she completes. Phase two will test the limits of his control. Hands-on personal training? Yes. Sex? No. With his sister's happiness at stake, nothing, not even the tempting Darcelle Lebeau, can interfere with accomplishing the biggest break-in of his career.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Aug 21, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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IT TAKES A CAT BURGLAR is an intriguing read. Even as I read on, I remain fascinated due mainly to the mystery. Why was Darcelle recruited? What was her mission? Equally fascinating were Sebastian's house as well as the training Darlene undergoes. I wish I could've learned more about them both. This book reminds me a bit of Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes, especially when it comes to the heists. Well, in this case, one heist, which was exciting as it played out, but was soon over. Too soon, in my opinion.

Darcelle and Sebastian have excellent chemistry; the sparks practically sizzled off the pages. However there wasn't much romantic development, none that we could see anyway, such that I couldn't quite believe in any declarations they later profess. I would've liked it more if there had been more scenes of them bonding on another level other than the physical. After all, Darcelle's training lasted for 3 weeks. Also, we didn't know much about Sebastian, like where he got his wealth, or why he's stealing when he didn't seem to need it. All this could've been revealed in those scenes of them bonding other than on the physical level that I mentioned earlier.

I do like the futuristic setting, but there wasn't much worldbuilding involved. I would've loved to learn more about this world.

Overall, it was a fun read, if you're not specifically looking for romance. The secondary characters (Darcelle's trainers) also added a certain roundness to the tale, and I wish we could've learned more about them. Maybe in the next book?

Rating is 3.5 stars
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