Owning It

Leah Marie Brown
Owning It
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Kensington Lyrical
Release Date
January 2018
Book 4 of It Girls

Delaney Lavender Brooks needs to grow up. At least, according to her parents. After getting evicted from her apartment and wrecking her car, Laney is almost ready to trade in her paintbrushes and surrender to a more sensible 9-to-5 existence. Almost. Until she's awarded an internship at a prestigious art gallery in Paris. What else can the free-spirited artist do but follow her dreams? Even if her latest attempt at chasing rainbows might cost her a real future . . .

Once in the city of lights, Laney is almost undone by the glaring truth: maybe she isn't sophisticated or talented enough to make it as an artist—or an independent woman, for that matter. And when she's hotly pursued by a seductive Frenchman, she has to wonder if she's about to be a fool for love, too. Soon Laney's greatest challenge is not proving herself to her parents, but having the courage to live the life—and love—of her dreams . . .

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 28, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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5 like, totally fab stars for OWNING IT!

Delaney Brooks is a free spirit, a bohemian artist trapped in the wrong decade. When her usually supportive parents practice some tough love, Laney knows it's time to grow up (a little), and she sees her acceptance into a Paris art program as just the opportunity she needs to attempt adulting. Laney meets Gabriel Galliard, aka Tall, Dark and Hot, and suddenly her world tilts on its axis and she's ready to turn in her V card for one night of hot, sweaty, wall-pounding sex! But jealousy is a funny thing, even for someone as secure and chill as Laney. Will she be able to put aside her doubts and suspicions and trust the man she's fallen deeply in love with or will her time in Paris be filled with what-if's and regrets?

If you haven't been reading Ms. Brown's It Girls Series, you're missing out on a series full of hilarity, girls you wanna be BFF's with, guys who'll make you swoon and an overall cast of characters and romantic international settings that will keep you grinning the entire length of the stories. OWNING IT, book 4 in the series, is no exception. Though Laney's millennial-meets-hippie verbiage in the beginning skirted the edge of annoying, that leveled out as the book progressed and she gained life lessons from her Paris experiences. Laney and Gabriel together were just gorgeous, so perfect for each other, but it was totally believable that she was unsure of herself...a goofy, unicorn and rainbows kinda girl falling for a self-assured, sophisticated and sexy Frenchman. Regardless, this is a fun and funny love story that will legit have you planning your own vaca in the south of France to find yourself.

PS: I too have a Life Playlist. You are not alone!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; no violence/murder.
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