Desert Nights

Kitti Bernetti
Desert Nights
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Xcite Books
Release Date
January 2011

An erotic novella with male on male action and multicultural themes.

In the heat of the desert two men face danger but discover love...

Ashmit is poised to fulfil his life-long duty and become the next sheikh of Al Nashan, when his father sends him to the desert on one final mission. He must rescue English teacher, Russ Edwards, from a group of insurgents who have kidnapped him.

The moment Ashmit sets eyes on Russ, feelings awake within him that he has never experienced during his sheltered upbringing - pure, unadulterated lust. As the days and nights pass in the desert, Ashmit and Russ grow ever-closer, from sharing their deepest secrets to spending a night in an ancient temple adorned with erotic murals.

But for all the pleasure, Ashmit is in turmoil. Not only is he trying to get to grips with his sexuality, but also the prospect of betraying his father, his wife-to-be and the entire nation. Life in the desert is one thing, but what will happen when they return to the palace? Which will win out: duty or love?

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Sep 08, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The heat of the desert sands ignites the fire inside a young ruler's heart when a rescue mission turns into nights of passion and unquenched desires.

His Highness Sheikh Ashmit bin Sultan al Nashan rescues Englishman Russ Edwards from his kidnappers. Out of gratitude plus his undeniable attraction for his rescuer, Russ sets out to seduce him. Despite his soon to be married status and heritage, Ashmit gives in.

I could probably compare this erotic novella to a modern day fairy tale sans the supernatural elements. However, there are a few niggles I could not ignore which made the tale quite unbelievable and silly at times.

From the get-go, the daring one-man mission set off wrong signals for me even if it was something that even Indiana Jones could learn from. I could not believe how Ashmit's father King Salman could afford to send his only heir on a dangerous operation without the added protection of his royal guards. Ashmit might have been highly trained and skilled but if I were his father, I would not risk the life of my only son to save the life of a teacher. It is not my intention to sound heartless as if a teacher's life was not worth anything. My point is that as King of Al Nashan, Salman had his armed forces at his disposal. Why did he not employ them then? Even his veiled explanation of why Ashmit was appointed to be the rescuer did not hold much water.

I also have an issue about the chains that restrained Russ during his capture. These were taken off much later in the story but in the interim, how he managed to maneuver himself and have sex despite his fatigue and harrowing experience at the hands of the terrorists is one for the books! Russ' strength, dexterity and agility are something to be envied no doubt.

There are concerns as well as to how Ashmit's problem regarding his marriage and how to produce an heir were resolved. The solution to the marriage was too convenient and easy but I was willing to accept it. The answer to the heir problem was a little ridiculous though I later learned from doing some research that it was possible. I just found the whole thing too crude but apparently it works.

Still, I generally liked how things played out in the end. The conversation between Ashmit and his father was beautifully written. Author Kitti Bernetti showed how things can be explained without being specific about them. This father-son chat was an example of excellent writing style for me.

The mystic appeal of the desert at night and spending it in an ancient temple near an oasis was certainly romantic. Ashmit's introduction to man love and subsequent relationship with Russ was hot as well despite the heir's initial misgivings. The teacher and the Sheikh look good as a couple together and I was glad to know that they have an HEA.

Overall, DESERT NIGHTS is a good escape into a world where forbidden love and hidden desires could erupt unexpectedly and against all odds manage to remain burning with an eternal flame.
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