Traveling Light

Lloyd Meeker
Traveling Light
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Release Date
March 2011

An eye for an eye... Ian McCandless is a hospice nurse, training to become a shaman. When his mentor orders him to make peace with his estranged family, Ian reluctantly agrees, anticipating just another conflict-filled visit. On their way from the airport Ian's older brother Will interrupts a convenience store robbery and is shot, dying in Ian's arms and calling to him for vengeance. Ian uses his shamanic abilities to track down the killer, but his quest soon turns into a hunt for revenge---forbidden to any shaman. Ian's pursuit jeopardizes his relationship with the spirit world, endangers the lives of those he loves and threatens to banish him from the only path that gives his life meaning.

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Sep 07, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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An apprentice shaman's quest to avenge his brother's death takes him on an amazing journey within and beyond this world.

Ian McCandless is training to become a shaman. His family's reluctance to accept his sexuality and his spiritual leanings strains a once warm relationship especially with his older brother Will. When Will is killed, Ian is resolute in tracking the killer himself but it is forbidden for a shaman to do so. Working as a hospice nurse allows him to further develop his abilities and assist those who need his help. His love life, though, suffers along the way. Can he have everything he desires for in the end?

Author Lloyd Meeker's novel is an adventure that transcends the physical realm and catapults the reader into a world of spirit guides and supernatural creatures. The writing flows well and often has a dream-like quality that evokes fantastic surreal images. The descriptions of Ian's travels were mesmerizing and I sympathize with his emotional turmoil and conflict with some people around him.

I loved reading about Ian's day job and what he does to bring comfort to the patients in his care -- Edna Halliday who has cancer and Michael Gillis who has AIDS. It takes an enormous amount of patience and genuine concern to deal with them and Ian does his job well and even goes the extra mile for these two.

There are also sad, heart-wrenching moments in Ian's life and I feel for what he goes through -- losing a sibling and breaking up with a lover. His desire to be a full-fledged shaman is certainly hard and he faces a lot of trials to earn the title.

This was a refreshing read for me. The focus on Ian's personal and spiritual development more than made up for what the book lacked in terms of eroticism and romance. As much as I find ideas of spirit guides and talks of the Great Web of Life too sublime, I found myself enjoying TRAVELING LIGHT and I was generally impressed with how the story turned out.
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