For Gom's Sake

AKM Miles
For Gom's Sake
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Release Date
March 2011
Book 3 of Scarcity Sanctuary

Gom Marsh is all grown up, but he looks years younger than he is. A police officer, he works undercover as a high school student to help fight the extreme bullying cases that school staffs can't solve. The work is heartbreaking and wearing, but lucky for Gom, there's a new man in his life. Casey Tanner, though, doesn't like to be touched. That could be a problem. Gom's still at Scarcity Sanctuary to keep up his cover, so Soldier and Dillon are always there to help. Can Casey redeem himself after a bad first impression? Hopefully so, Gom needs him.

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Jul 16, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Author AKM Miles' beautifully written story did it for me. She has presented us with a book that is not only socially relevant and timely but very inspiring as well. What an excellent job!

Though this is the third book in her Scarcity Sanctuary Series, a lot of backstories are still mentioned which connects everything. These helped me a lot in putting things into perspective since I did not read the series in order. Moreover, even if this is the first time I read her work, I felt such a strong connection with her characters. I could picture each one in my mind as I read along. They were so real to me. They are ordinary people whose lives have been hurt in one way or another yet most of them managed to rise above their circumstances. Each individual's story is enlightening and paints a hopeful message that all is not lost if one chooses to.

Gom Marsh's story is on focus. He is one of the boys whom Soldier and Dillon have taken under their wing at Scarcity Sanctuary. Gom has grown up and is now a police officer. Because of his youthful looks, one could easily mistake him for a teenager. This makes him the perfect undercover cop. He is able to blend in and investigate cases of bullying in high schools. He meets Casey Tanner and falls for him. Casey is attracted to Gom as well but has issues and dislikes to be touched. How things worked out between them and how Gom continued to do his job despite the emotional pressure around him grabbed my attention from the first page to the last.

Soldier and Dillon, Gom's "parents", are such an ideal couple. Their hearts and arms are always open wide to welcome and help anyone. Gom's "brothers", all grown-up too, are doing well on their own. Theirs may not be the typical definition of a family but they certainly are the best anyone can have. Support in all forms was provided and it is no wonder that all of the boys turned out well despite the scars of their respective pasts.

However, all is not sugar and spice. The cases that Gom works on are disturbing and alarming. One of the most moving and heartbreaking confessions of a wounded teenage soul can be found within the book's pages. It made me sad, angry and pensive. It also brought to mind the recent number of gay teen suicides I have read about on the Internet. I simply could not understand how young people can be so cruel and vindictive and laugh about their actions without remorse. Is it ignorance that compels them or is it just plain evil brought to the surface? If it is, where is all this darkness coming from? What about those who call themselves educators yet are among those responsible for perpetrating bigotry? It is disheartening and scary at the same time. Unfortunately, they exist and they should be stopped.

FOR GOM's SAKE is a touching story of an unconventional family bonded not by blood but by unconditional love, deep respect, compassion and understanding. It is a compelling read that touches on human dignity and justice for the underdogs and the unwanted. This is one book and series that should not be missed!
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