Trapped by a Song

Nicole Pouchet
Trapped by a Song


Nicole Pouchet
Release Date
April 2015
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Urban Fantasy

When eight men go missing in mysterious circumstances seemingly linked to an up-scale Nevada brothel, it's up to two ill-matched paras to crack the case…

Detective Jori Anzoli has had enough: her telepathic para-capacities can only take so much, and the last thing she needs is a new case to crack for the boys in blue at the Las Vegas Police Department. Worse still, the Paranormal Investigative Agency (PIA) has taken an interest, throwing her together with a drop-dead gorgeous agent who plays on her mind.
Agent Del Moore is the rarest of paras: a retro-cognizant, gifted with a one-in-a-million ability to see directly into the past simply by touching an object—or person. The PIA agent's gift has made him reticent, almost aloof when it comes to other people—much less stunning telepaths.

Del Moore has another mission: to find the PIA'S missing biomedical weapons engineer, Thomas Smith. As the two work together, they find their gifts interfering in more ways than one.

Fighting their abilities as the case spirals out of control, all the evidence points to a brothel out in the Nevada desert—but what they find there is far worse than anything they could have imagined. As they fall prey to the powerful force within, they're left fighting for their lives in a race against time to solve the case once and for all.

Trapped by a Song is a paranormal romance / urban fantasy retelling of the Grimm fairy tale, Jorinda and Joringel. But caution: This grown-up fairy tale contains hot romance in a contemporary, magical realism setting!

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