Tempt Me Not

Leah Blake
Tempt Me Not


Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2014
Book 4 of Boys of Sinn Island
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Rogue Galliston has never been a one-man's man. An endless stream of lovers with no permanent attachment was his way of life until he found himself in bed with Cory Anderson. Where emotions were supposed to be nothing but a word, Cory ignites something inside him that he can't live without. A month has passed since that fateful night when he envisioned a future and watched it shatter all within an hour. He hasn't been able to garner up enough nerve to explain the events to Cory until a bet is proposed to him.Rogue has one week to reclaim Cory as his lover. For Rogue, the ultimate prize would come with earning Cory's forgiveness.
Cory hasn't been able to get Rogue out of his head. He tries to fight the wild attraction they share for each other, but quickly succumbs to his deep-rooted affection for Sinn's rebel. Unfortunately, someone isn't happy about their reunion, and will stop at nothing to destroy their rekindled happiness.


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