Eagle River Alpha

Becky Wilde
Eagle River Alpha
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Stolcise Publishing
Release Date
April 2011
Book 1 of Eagle River
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Jade Ash made a promise to her dying mother, to visit her mom's childhood home in Eagle River, Ontario, Canada. Jade meets the owner of the estate, Sloan Taggert and is surprised when he asks he to stay in his home as a guest.

Jade can't pass up the opportunity to be around so many hunky men, so accepts the offer. Little does she know she has walked into a den of werewolves.

Sloan claims Jade as her mate and convinces her to go through the bonding ceremony with him, then himself and his two brothers, so they can anchor her to life, in case of his demise, in front of the whole pack.

They seem to be getting along with each other fine, until Sloan's enemy, Devlin Spawn, Alpha of the Hell Hound Pack, kidnaps Jade.

Book Review by Rebecca
Jun 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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EAGLE RIVER ALPHA is an engaging tale of a young woman with a destiny greater than she could ever imagine. The book is fast-paced, drawing the reader into this unusual world alongside the heroine with enough suspense to keep us craving more.

The heroine, Jade Ash, made a promise to her dying mother that she would visit her mother's childhood home in Eagle River. The author never tells us why and at first there seemed to be an air of mystery to that request – perhaps her mother knew of the shifters - but it was overlooked in the overall plot and left me wondering. Having little else in her life once Jade loses her mother, she makes the trip to Eagle River. When she meets Sloan Taggert, the owner of the estate, and is invited to stay at his home as his guest, she is surprised but can't help herself from accepting the invitation to be so close to her mother's childhood home.

Quickly she learns three things in a series of revelations. First, she learns all of the large (incredibly-hunky-in-a-wolfish-kinda-way) men are wolf shifters. Then she learns she is their queen and Sloan's mate. Then she discovers just how she becomes bonded into the pack. Any one of these things could put anyone over the top, but Jade's strong sense of self allows her to handle it with dignity. Her initial interactions with the pack are charming and humorous at times, particularly as the wolf traits the men carry over into human form show themselves. Her ease may be a sign of this being her true destiny.

Jade is a likeable character. She comes from a humble background and at times feels inferior to these new friends who so clearly live in luxury and wealth. I adored the relationship Jade formed with Sloan's housekeeper but wanted to know more. It was almost as if there was a secret still undisclosed. But most of all, I appreciated that Jade's earlier life allows her to become their queen while staying grounded.

Everything seems perfect until Devlin Spawn (love the name), the Alpha of the Hell Hound Pack, kidnaps Jade. The story's pace accelerates as Sloan and his pack rescue their new queen, bring her back to her rightful home and bring her into her true destiny. The evolution of the story seems appropriate but a bit too easy, simple.

Eagle River Alpha is a captivating shifter love story that any romantic at heart will enjoy. There's potential for a full series that I will gladly continue to read.
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