Hot Highland Fling

Eliza March
Hot Highland Fling

The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
August 2009
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Ailsa Jackson is finished dating executives. She's looking for hot sexual fantasies—"all muscle, stamina and no commitment." When assigned to interview an American CEO, Colin Fitzgerald, who recently inherited lands and a title in Scotland, she tosses her inhibitions aside to research all the old myths about brawny Highlanders and answer the old burning question—what is under a Scotsman's kilt?

This title contains: explicit language and anal sex.62 pages

"So ye don't mind a man in a skirt, hey?" The expression on his face turned predatory as he moved into her personal space. She felt like Little Red Riding Hood had come upon the very big, very bad Wolf, and she so wanted him to eat her. As far as she was concerned, he could have her all he wanted.

The silence between them was charged with sexual tension. "You look...ah, great." Ailsa's gaze took him in again. She'd have to settle for great. Any other term would just be insufficient. Yet great almost seemed an inadequate description under the circumstances. Vocalizing her true feelings—terrific, yummy, fantastic—might be a tip off about her fascination with him and his kilt.

She decided to hold it there. Anything other than great would be over the top.

No sense scaring the hell out of the first man she encountered in Scotland. She certainly couldn't ask the question she longed to ask or lift his kilt and satisfy her curiosity.

He frowned and tilted his chin to one side, puzzled by her perusal.

She tried to explain. "Don't get me wrong. I was surprised to see the native dress. You know...the kilt and all. Sorry, I'm babbling. I didn't know kilts were daily attire."

"Do ye have something against kilts, then?

"Oh, no! Absolutely nothing. I actually have a certain proclivity for men in kilts." The only thing she wanted against his kilt was her body. From the rising action going on under the sporran, she imagined he'd meet her sexual requirement


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