Stormy Weather

Glen Ebisch
Stormy Weather
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
January 2017
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime

When the body of Travis Lambert, senior meteorologist, is found buried in a shallow grave next to the house of Stormy McCloud, junior meteorologist, things look bad.

The station hires Chance Malone to investigate the murder, but her situation doesn't improve. Malone is attractive, charming, and funny, all qualities that her past experience with men has led her to avoid. It doesn't help that Stormy has little interest in religion, while Malone is the unusual detective that keeps a Bible in his desk drawer instead of a bottle of scotch.

When Stormy's estranged mother appears on the scene, things become even more complicated. As they discover more about the dark secrets of Travis's life, Stormy is forced to reconsider her view of men, her mother, and her future.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jun 23, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The mystery in STORMY WEATHER was decently executed, and I knew the villain had to be someone unexpected, but i never guessed who it could be until it was near the end. I followed the twists and turns in the plot with bated breath and edge-of-your-seat anticipation. I guess the message in this story is you never really know a person.

The romance in this story was understated. This being categorized as a mystery, I think that's okay. However, just to let romance readers who might be interested to know, I think there should be more scenes on the romantic development to make the romance more believable.

Overall, well worth the read!
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