Sex, Lies and Secret Lives

Thea Devine
Sex, Lies and Secret Lives
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Simon & Schuster
Release Date
April 2010
Erotic Romance

When her identical twin sister disappears, Justine Durant slips into the sex-fueled, high-stakes life she never knew her sister lived. . . .

The text message came at 3:00—"just in time"—the fail-safe code Justine and her twin, Jillian Durant, devised to survive their traumatic childhood. Now Jillian's missing and Justine immediately leaves her research job, frantic to discover what happened to her globe-trotting model sister. Inside Jillian's apartment, Justine uncovers a computer file that reveals that her sister is really Jillian Dare, escort to the richest, most powerful, and most insatiable men on the international corporate scene. And it's clear that Jillian loved—no, lived for—everything about the lifestyle: the fortune she made nightly, the luxurious gifts, the touch of a man anywhere, anytime, with no limits.

Searching for clues to her sister's disappearance, Justine masquerades as Jillian, plunging into a world of paid carnal extravagance and unleashing a side of herself she never knew existed. It's a thrillingly daring gamble to take, and the stakes are raised when Justine becomes locked in a sexual power struggle with a man who could be her ally or her most ruthless enemy; a man who can bring her to endless ecstasy or drive her to madness. And Justine must play this dangerous game to perfection and win . . . if she and Jillian are to survive.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jun 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In every woman is a secret, inner slut just waiting for the right opportunity--and price--to be revealed.

Jillian Dare is an elite travelling companion, and in one of her assignments, she may have become witness to a murder. As a result, she was met with foul play and vanished. But before that happened, she was able to send an SOS message to her twin, Justine.

Conservative Justine Durant never knew about her sister's lifestyle, and she stepped into her sister's role in order to find clues to Jillian's whereabouts. Both appalled and fascinated, Justine discovered that her inner slut wanted to come out and play, that having sex with different men and having powerful men in the palm of her hand was a heady feeling.

In the course of her "new job", she met Doug Rawls, with whom she was attracted to. Could this man help her find her sister? Or was he one of the enemy?

I'm happy to note that there's a story/plot here, though there were also certainly a lot of sex scenes, far more than even in some erotic novels I've read, with all sorts of situations and positions. However, the descriptions of the numerous intimate encounters were tastefully done, although they do tend to pall after awhile. I think there's just too many.

Perhaps Justine should've gone through other methods of finding her sister, but I think she was curious to see what her sister was really up to, and maybe what that kind of life was like. I thought she was trying too hard to convince herself that there was no other way but this, as she stepped temporarily into her sister's life. In the end, she has to decide whether it's the kind of life for her.

One thing I probably would've wanted more is more romance or romantic moments between Doug and Justine. I think it's a given that they would end up together, but the numerous sex kinda overshadowed whatever softer feelings Doug might have for Justine that the author could've shown us. I guess I'm the kind of gal who wanted the romance in her erotic romances!

So, this book is still worth a read if you're curious about what an elite travelling companion's life is like.
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