Enticed by Lady Elianna

Amanda Mariel
Enticed by Lady Elianna
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Brook Ridge Press
Release Date
June 2017
Book 3 of Fabled Love
Historical Romance

A woman who has lost everything…

After her father's death Lady Elianna was forced into servitude by her cousin and his family. For years she has done as told filling the roll of everything from a lady's maid to a scullery maid without complaint. That is until Lord Sinclair shows up at the estate causing her to dare to dream once more.

A man determined to save her…

Lord Sinclair is intrigued by Elianna after a brief meeting in Hyde Park. He is convinced the woman is hiding something and he's determined to discover her secrets. When the lady Elianna is accompanying extends an invitation to a country house party, he accepts.

Circumstances beyond their control…

Passion flares to life as Elianna works to hide her secrets while Lord Sinclair does everything in his power to uncover them. One fateful night will change everything, dragging her secrets to the forefront and forcing action. Might their love be the key to overcoming her past?

Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Jul 15, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A man saves a woman from a life of servitude...

Elianna is already in mourning after the loss of her father. When her distant cousin comes to take over the estate, he will be the one to decide her fate. And the crude man forces Elianna to care for his children and serve his wife as if she were a lady's maid. It's an undeserved punishment for a lady of the ton but Elianna has no choice but to comply. She'll be homeless and penniless otherwise.

When Elianna is pounced on by a dog in the park, she is surprised to find its owner has his eye on her, despite her being her cousin's companion. Garrett senses something is amiss about Elianna and he's determined to discover her secret. After a series of meetings between the two, Garrett is no closer to learning about Eli's past. It may take a friendly intervention to bring the truth to light.

This novella was a quick and pleasant read. Be warned that there is a bit of an insta-love feel here. Not necessarily because of the book's length, however. Garrett wants to understand the mystery surrounding Elianna, yet he's pretty adamant that he'll never marry. I thought this was an unnecessary addition to the story because when feelings are suddenly declared, I didn't entirely believe them to be true.

However, I did enjoy the rest of the story. It has a Cinderella vibe with the wicked lady and her rotten daughter. There is even a fairy-godmother, sort of, along with a curfew of midnight. I didn't even realize this would be a theme until it happened but it was a nice surprise.

The characters were likable and the villains despicable. Elianna was in a rough position but handled herself with grace and Garrett's loyalty to her was a nice touch. I haven't read other books in this series but I'm definitely intrigued by the secondary characters we met. I'd like to read their stories, too.

In closing...
A quick historical romance with a fairy tale twist. Four stars!
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