Some Kind of Hero

Suzanne Brockmann
Some Kind of Hero
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Release Date
January 2018
Book 17 of Troubleshooters
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

The Troubleshooters return in the latest thriller from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann! Some Kind of Hero showcases Brockmann's signature white-knuckle suspense, romantic twists, and sexy Navy SEALs.

Navy men don't come tougher than Lieutenant Peter Greene. Every day he whips hotshot SEAL wannabes into elite fighters. So why can't he handle one fifteen-year-old girl? His ex's death left him a single dad overnight, and very unprepared. Though he can't relate to an angsty teen, he can at least keep Maddie safe—until the day she disappears. Though Pete's lacking in fatherly intuition, his instinct for detecting danger is razor sharp. Maddie's in trouble. Now he needs the Troubleshooters team at his back, along with an unconventional ally.

Romance writer Shayla Whitman never expected to be drawn into a real-world thriller—or to meet a hero who makes her pulse pound. Action on the page is one thing. Actually living it is another story. Shay's not as bold as her heroines, but she's a mother. She sees the panic in her new neighbor's usually fearless blue eyes—and knows there's no greater terror for a parent than having a child at risk. It's an ordeal Shay won't let Pete face alone. She's no highly trained operative, but she's smart, resourceful, and knows what makes teenagers tick.

Still, working alongside Pete has its own perils—like letting the heat between them rise out of control. Intimate emotions could mean dangerous, even deadly, consequences for their mission. No matter what, they must be on top of their game, and playing for keeps . . . or else Pete's daughter may be gone for good.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Jul 12, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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4.5 "Writer's Block/Love Muse" Stars!

Suzanne Brockmann is romantic suspense royalty. It's hard to believe that SOME KIND OF HERO is the seventeenth installment in the series as Ms. Brockmann is still creating fresh, interesting and engaging romantic suspense stories utilizing the Troubleshooters cast of characters, many of which have either been the protagonists or already been introduced in prior books. Fortunately, for newcomers to the series, however, SOME KIND OF HERO can still be read as a standalone as both the suspense and romantic arc are fully contained within this book.

All that said, for those of you who are familiar with at least some of the Troubleshooters cast of characters, that prior knowledge undoubtedly adds an extra layer of excitement and connectedness to the plentiful secondary characters who make appearances in this book. So if you're already a Troubleshooters fan, you will be equally and perhaps extra pleased with Ms. Brockmann's latest.

Lieutenant Peter Greene has his work cut out for him. Not only is he in charge of training new Navy SEALs, but he recently became a full-time father of his teenage girl (Maddie) when her mother passed away. Needless to say, Maddie is still grieving for her mother and not particularly happy to have to move to San Diego to move in with her previously "absentee" father. But Pete is trying his best to change her mind--even if he has no idea how to be the father of a teenage girl--when she ups the ante by running away.

But it's not too easy to hide from a man with his SEAL skills, so he's chasing her down when he literally runs into Shayla Whitman's car and begs her for a car ride to tail his fleeing daughter. Thus ensues a wild car chase when the pair nearly apprehend Maddie but with the help of a decidedly older man with a questionable Australian accent, she manages to get away. As Shayla and Pete get to know one another, however, over the chase, they realize they are neighbors and both single parents to teenagers (2 teenage boys in Shayla's case). Moreover, Shayla being a romantic suspense writer (even if she has been suffering from a terrible bout of writer's block for quite sometime), puts her writing skills to the test by helping Pete sleuth out just where Maddie and the much older "boyfriend" they suspect her of being with might be.

But there is much more to this story than at first meets the eye, including matters occurring both in the past and present which Ms. Brockmann slowly unfurls for her readers' pleasure. Moreover, to solve this case and bring Maddie safely back home, Pete (and Shayla who insists on being part of the rescue operation) have to call in a number of Troubleshooters members to help. Can Shayla, Pete, and the Troubleshooters find and bring Maddie home safely? Moreover, do Shayla and Pete really share a heartfelt attraction or are they just reacting to the intensity and adrenaline inducing lust of the looming danger?

I enjoyed so many things of this great read. From the humor to the chemistry to the slow unwinding of the events of the past and how it impacted Pete's and Maddie's relationship, this is one engaging and emotional journey. Moreover, Pete is a hero that really knows how to tug at your heart strings. Perhaps his only fault is that he is almost too perfect. From his understanding and protective nature to his loyal to a fault devotion, my heart poured out for him--this is one hero I definitely wanted to see get his HEA. Moreover, the quirky and funny Shayla (whose book characters speak to her in her mind) and who unfortunately has been made insecure by an equally unlucky past, also was a heroine that I rooted for.

Whether you're a romantic suspense lover who is a Troubleshooters novice or a Troubleshooters afficionado, SOME KIND OF HERO is definitely worth a read!
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Book Review by Pip (reviewer)
Aug 21, 2017
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Where do I even begin with Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series? There's so much diversity in the pairings, so much differing action (you never quite know what you're going to get) with just so many things going on… to the extent where some of her books have had the power to bore me limp, while others have brought me to my knees with a swoon-worthy type fairytale ending.

With 'Some Kind of Hero', I was left disappointingly unmoved and a more than a tad bit incredulous. But what's clear however, is that it isn't quite a standalone.

The initial meeting between Peter Green and Shayla is an out-of-nowhere jump into a car on the street to search for a missing teenager. And during the search, Peter finds himself telling his life story to Shayla while the latter finds herself using her skills as a writer to figure out just what Peter's teenager could have gotten herself into. Their (coincidental) joint-effort simply eschews Brockmann's very slow burn between characters that spans books and the quickness with which Peter and Shayla jumped into bed took out any sense of anticipation that I've come to expect. Instant-love or lust aside, the shenanigans with the teenagers just felt like an elaborate plot to bring 2 very opposing characters—whose lives otherwise wouldn't ever intersect—together and it was difficult to buy into this forced connection when it simply felt more like bad parenting going out of control over a teenager who might or might not have done unsavoury things.

In many ways, this story left me in a bind, which on a whole, pretty much describes my entire Brockmann reading experience. There were parts that I couldn't stop turning the pages, just as there were parts that had me skimming, despite the some amusing meta-details of what is means to be a romance author, fictional voices in head and scatterbrained-moments notwithstanding. On the other hand, Brockmann's heroes never quite do what you think they do and here, there's hardly enough SEAl action involved that could make me think of Peter as a SEAL instructor or his friend Izzy as a fellow brother-in-arms when the way they speak or act just lacked that intensity and the ‘je ne sais quoi' that have pretty much defined the RS ‘alpha' hero.

Maybe it's because I've not read the entire series that ‘Some Kind of Hero' made little sense to me overall, but this read (judging from the books that made my favourites list at least) unfortunately fell short by a long way.
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