Out of Sight

Melissa Klein
Out of Sight
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
July 2017
Book 2 of Out of Uniform
Contemporary Romance

After a brutal attack leaves Mia Jones with a traumatic brain injury, she learns the key to discovering her attacker's identity lies within her damaged brain. As she battles to recover from her injuries, she finds it's not her fiancé by her side but her foster brother, Hank.

When navy pilot, Hank Taggart ditches his plane in the sea, he thinks the worst has happened—until he returns home to learn Mia, the closest thing he's ever had to family, is in ICU. While struggling to accept the end of a career that defines him and battling his own medical diagnosis, he must also suppress his newfound feelings for Mia.

With Hank rejecting her love at every turn and the bad guys upping the stakes, Mia wonders, which fate is worse: falling into the hands of her enemy or losing the man she loves.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Aug 04, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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OUT OF SIGHT is a perfect blend of romance and intrigue, as Mia struggles to remember things she might have forgotten in the aftermath of the vicious attack on her, things that are detrimental to her health, as it seemed someone is trying to kill her.

Hank is a decent guy battling his own demons, and he tried to do right by Mia, according to what he thought is right for her. He's willing to sacrifice his own wants and desires in order to make sure Mia lives a happy life. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Yet Mia's version of love is different from his, and this is where they clashed, unable to come to a compromise. But Mia is nothing but persistent…

First of all, I can't imagine the horror that Mia suffered (or perhaps I can, as there are too many of those happening in the world), and the courage and determination she possessed in order to recover as much of herself as she can. She's truly an admirable heroine, never letting life's sufferings get her down but instead relying on herself and her natural intelligence to make something of herself and to give back to society.

The romantic development was sweet and well, romantic. It was totally believable in that Hank and Mia had known each other for a long time, and there's always that moment when a single second of awareness could cause a person to look at another in a totally different way.

The intrigue portion was well-integrated into the story. From the start, you just know there's more to it than a random attack on Mia that left her almost dead, and there are suspense moments scattered here and there to remind you of this thread in the plot. The identity of the ultimate villain came as a surprise though, as well as the reasons for the attack.

One thing though: Mrs. Brooks' failing health came out of the blue, as she was a picture of elegant health when we first met her in the book. Granted, there were several months in between, but it would've been good if maybe there were some hints at the start, like maybe she coughed or felt weak or something so that when the news of her failing health came later, it wouldn't have been so unbelievable.

Overall, a great read that is totally worth your time!
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