Waking for Winter

Katherine McIntyre
Waking for Winter
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2017
Book 4 of Philadelphia Coven Chronicles
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

The Philadelphia Coven has thwarted the Order of the Serpent's every attempt to destroy their city, only to draw out the scariest nightmare from the Otherworld--the Caoranach. However, one member of the Philly Coven, Cami Akiyama, has already met this creature--the very monster who tortured her and branded her with a mark. Given their history, the Coven leader assigns her a bodyguard--none other than the gorgeous and lethal necromancer, Dante Martinez, the ex-boyfriend she'd disappeared on years ago. A single conversation confirms the spark between them never died, and based on the way Dante teases and flirts, he's not about to let that flame get snuffed out without a fight.

No one has ever compared to the incendiary passion Dante inspired in her, but after being marked and broken by a monster, she's too damaged to rekindle any sort of relationship. Not like that stops him. If anything, he fights harder for the memories of a love that kept her sane on her bleakest nights. And despite every effort to distance, Cami finds herself falling for him all over again. Except the Caoranach doesn't just plan to devastate this city. The Caoranach possesses a deadly secret; one, when revealed, holds the power to shatter Cami completely.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Mar 26, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WAKING FOR WINTER is the last book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, and this time we meet up with Cami and Dante. Now, Cami is a character we've met throughout the series, whilst Dante is a fairly new one who popped up in Alanna and Sam's story. Interestingly enough, this couple is also the only one who had a previous relationship with each other, although Cami left for her own reasons. Cami is 'haunted' by her experiences at the hands of the Order of the Serpent, and you realise just how much as the story fills out. Dante will do anything to protect Cami. He still loves her, even though he still doesn't know why she left. In this climatic book, all the previous couples play a part, but the spotlight remains on Cami and Dante.

This has one helluva ending that definitely leaves you wanting more but strangely satisfied with what you have. The usual high quality of writing flows through this book, a standard I now associate with Katherine McIntyre. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this book, my favourite of the series has to be Rising for Autumn. However, I would highly recommend you try this series for yourself, and then let me know which is your favourite! An epic ending to a great series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Absolutely recommended by me.
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