Three Days of Dominance

Cari Silverwood
Three Days of Dominance
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Loose Id
Release Date
June 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

When a man with mint-green eyes steps from a lake and offers to rescue Danii's dog in exchange for three days of total obedience, it's obvious he must be either joking or crazy. Being a police officer, she knows how to handle the crazies, but when it comes to Heketoro, she's the one being handled. Each day their lovemaking becomes wilder and Danii discovers exactly how far this man can take her. Though the tattoos drawing themselves on his body make it clear he's not quite human, to Danii what's more important is their burgeoning love for each other.

An ancient curse prevents Heketoro from returning to his world. With one last ritual of love needed to break this curse, Heketoro's enemies return and threaten to destroy him by using his only weakness -- Danii. Will love, or their enemies, triumph?

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Jul 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A protective water fae saving a troublesome dog propels Danii into a mythical world she never knew. He only asks for one thing in return for saving the dog, sexual submission. Hot diggity dog! I love water creatures and sexual submission!

Since Danii is drinking her life away, meeting a man who has been starring in her deviant sex dreams is a shock to her system. Heketoro is a water fae trapped in the human world. He needs Danii's help to break a curse and allow him to return home. They make a bargain – Heketoro saves her friend's dog and she submits to him for three days.

Depressed Danii has nothing to lose, as she is all alone. Her brother is missing in action searching for the Taliban. Her sister, Amy, is in a different country, happily married. Danii's job as a cop brings her to a low as people she's trying to save don't want to be saved or are too hopeless to be saved.

From there, the story becomes a bit foggy and waterlogged. The reader is treated to sex, lies and memory erasures. At times, it's hard to follow along the story as Danii is kidnapped or having her mind wiped. What I can confirm, some of the sex in the story is quite lovely. The forced female on female touching was delicious. I wasn't expecting any fisting and to find forced female fisting, it was quite the treat. Since the story is about three days of dominance which will generate enough energy to break the Heketoro's curse and then some, I found the sex scenes to be the best parts of the story.

I do need to clear up a slight perception or misperception. This is not a BDSM story. This is a kinky story with light bondage. If the reader is expecting a BDSM themed story, this is not it. There are kinky scenes with a bit more than vanilla sex, but that in itself will not classify this story as BDSM. Heketoro doesn't dominate Danii and doesn't come across as a strong dominant. He is rather sweet and seems to be very mixed in what he wants from Danii. Danii is a submissive little thing, despite her job as a cop. While Danii frequently reminds the reader and herself that she's independent and a strong female, neither the reader nor Danii is convinced. I certainly was not convinced. I felt that Danii was weak and best served as a pet or plaything for Heketoro to keep. Frankly, I'm surprised Danii hasn't killed herself yet with her alcohol abuse.

Still, the world Ms. Silverwood built is interesting, despite the weak female lead. I'm more interested in the fae world and what will happen next. My sincere hope is for Danii to be turned into a sex slave to serve a strong mistress, if a follow up book is forthcoming. I say mistress only because the two fae females mentioned in the story were more dominant and stronger than Heketoro.

I recommend this story to those who like a bit of spice with their sex scenes. I also recommend it for those who like fae stories with a happily ever after.
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