Nosy Neighbors: Privacy and Trust Become Issues in Lydia's and Charlie's "Spanking Marriage"

Sigrid Katrinsdatter
Nosy Neighbors: Privacy and Trust Become Issues in Lydia's and Charlie's


Release Date
July 2017
Book 9 of The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Charlie and Lydia contend with one of their neighbors learning about the fact Lydia allows Charlie to spank her. The damage to their sense of privacy is enormous, especially as Lydia continues to cope with how she feels about Charlie having forcibly spanked her a few months earlier. The two struggle to find a renewed sense of privacy and to rebuild the trust Charlie's actions damaged, no matter that even Lydia acknowledges his actions were justified. As they deal with this, Lydia also makes a fateful decision about clearing out the snow from a heavy snowfall, a decision that gets her cross-wise with Charlie once again over her safety and how to get her to make safer, better decisions. NOTE: These book contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity, domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, anal sex and anal discipline. If such scenes offend you or trigger you, please do not purchase these books. In addition, the series is also about two young, devoted married people growing and maturing together over the course of multiple story lines; they are flawed, loving, devoted human beings, and therefore make mistakes they try to correct. They are not perfect, but they are devoted. Finally, PLEASE NOTE: Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is unintended and coincidental.


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