The Women Debrowska

Leigh Podgorski
The Women Debrowska


Violet Hills Productions
Release Date
September 2010
Historical fiction

Anatola Debrowska has a family spinning into separate orbits and a life spiraling into soul-stealing monotony when the 25 year old son she gave up at birth suddenly materializes on her doorstep. The reunion does not go smoothly. When Pyotr returns abruptly to the East Coast, Anatola, determined not to lose her son a second time, follows. With sister Clarisse in tow, she finds him disheveled and drunken, and together they trundle him off to Aunt Alka's house. There a treasure trove of Debrowska-Debski archives left by Frances, the family matriarch, is revealed. Eventually, Anatola is able to break through Pytor's defenses, and the archaeological dig begins. The archives: letters, diaries, and Frances's enigmatic poetry, lead Anatola on a journey that begins in Debowiec, Poland in January 1756 and follows the family as it is torn apart by loyalists and revolutionaries, riches and poverty, oppression and war and the partitions of a beloved homeland. The Women Debrowska interweaves the personal story of a family with the history of a nation driven by an endearing spirit of hope that refused to be conquered, a spirit unique to the Polish character, a spirit that soared during even her darkest most desperate hours.


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