sister of echo

ameel koro
sister of echo


Release Date
May 2017
Book 2 of the making of a villain
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical fiction, Horror Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

More trouble awaits brokenhearted Alina in Sister of Echo 2. Corina's scheme to put an early end to Alina's love with Sinna may have worked but it also turned her to Alina's most hated person in the world as Corina fails in finishing the last part of it. Cordilla on the other hand is still trying to save Alina believing that she's one of them, but that means she has to stop Cotiso's party from leaving the city before it's too late, hence, Cordillia pulls a play of her own by forcing Corina and Alina back to the arena where the different schemes collides with one another to create an unexpected happening that ruins both of Corina's and Cordillia's different plans.

Cordillia is outraged, she throws everyone in Cotiso's party behind bars and forcefully confiscate Alina, but a surprise awaits her as she discovers that Alina is something entirely different from what she had expected! The encounter of the two races shocks them all. There is no longer love for the slave girl, but hatred and a need to know what Alina is and what she's doing there?

Down in the belly of the grounds, Alina is surrendered to unbelievable torment on the hands of Cornel, an unusual person who spares nothing to break her down and reveal her true identity.

The relevance of Alina's horrible past, more schemes put into play by every character, Corina's struggle to survive and an unexpected alliance between the two girls as they find themselves forced to go through an epic struggle to escape Cornel's dungeons, and the horrible secrets they discover on their way out.


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