sister of echo

ameel koro
sister of echo


Release Date
January 2018
Book 3 of the makin of a villain
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Romance, Horror Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Alina's journey is packed with dangers as she makes her way towards the only place she has left in the world, and which she'd been avoiding all her life, back to her merciless master. As if the rage of winter, the dangers of the road and the forest were not enough, Alina must also escort injured Corina safely there as she's hoping to use her to survive her master's wrath. Her return however is anything but a warm reunion. Meanwhile Cordillia is facing tremendous hindrances of her own, her search for Alina is not bearing results. Her position in the city is shaken by the loss of her two pillars of power, Anton & Cornel. The struggle for political power between the Artucian queens is restless, and none of them is listening to her warnings while Alina's threatening message has become a nightmare disturbing her nights. Thus, Cordillia resolves to a very dangerous resolve to protect her children. The clock is ticking. The drums of war are on the rise. The Artucians are well fortified behind their walls. The encounter of the two races is about to take its most violent form. And in between the two great war machines, a girl called Alina is trying to save the love she once had, and lost, in a moment of pain & jealousy.


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